Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finished Lambs

This morning I shipped the Shepherd and Lambs off to Amy's for finishing. I had such a fun time stitching the Lambs. Amy's choice of thread and stitches for the lambs really brought them to life. The wool on the lambs actually looks real. Amy's choice of threads and stitches accomplished this so easily. I have learned so much from the Home Study Classes. You are introduced to new threads, stitches and techniques just about every lesson. You are challenged and are amazed at how well you are able to step up and complete the challenge. I have looked at some of the stitch guides and thought there is no way I can do that - but then you look at the stitch diagram, reread the directions and go step by step and before you know it you have a finished piece. I have become a much better stitcher and am not intimated by a challenge anymore. I know techniques that I never thought I would be able to do let alone accomplish with pride. Between Amy's stitch guides, support and DVD's I can now accept a challenge and know that I can do it.
I was introduced to a new thread that I want to tell you about. It is Vineyard Merino Wool. I am not a big fan of wool thread but I have now changed by mind. This merino wool is so soft and stitches up beautifully. I had no problem with the thread knotting up or getting thinner as you stitch. It was just a pleasure to stitch with.
I am now working on Kelly Clark's NYC Santa that Amy did a stitch guide for me at the June Cook-Up Class. I want to have it finished by the first week of September so I can meet another Christmas finishing deadline. Jennifer, my daughter, already finished her canvas from the Cook-Up Class. I just picked it up from the framer today and hope to post a picture of it tomorrow.
Off to conquer more challenges.


Melinda said...

Just beautiful, Linda! Love the sheep and lamb - they will be a great addition to the set. May I just say "ditto" to your comments about home study classes - especially Amy's. I couldn't be happier with what I am accomplishing by taking part in the Halloweenies home study. It's worth every penny, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Your sheep look wonderful. Kept waiting to hear them baa. I agree with you regarding the home study classes with Amy..I'm doing Halloweenies and feel I am learning so much...new stitches and techniques and tips.. The DVD's are great and it has helpsd to have them to refer to. It is sheer joy and fun

Sue VanderNoor

Missy Gray said...

Lambs look fabulous. Beautiful job, Linda.