Monday, August 16, 2010

Cook-Up Class Progress

As you can see from the second picture Jen, my daughter, has finished her piece for the Cook-Up
Class that we took in June with Amy. Jen was not able to attend because of Jake but she was able to finish her piece before me.
My NYC is really coming along. I just have to finish up the beading and then attach the shopping bag. I already have the handle for the shopping bag in place. Now just to stitch the bag. This has been a really fun piece to stitch. Amy worked up a great stitch guide for this piece. I cannot believe all the wonderful stitches she came up with to really make this canvas come to life. The taxi cab looks like a real NYC cab. I have quite a bit of beading left. I have to have this piece completed by Wednesday. I am under a lot of pressure to get this piece done because I have to finish Jake's little stocking. Our LNS store informed me the other day that the finisher moved up their finishing deadline from October 1 to September 15. I thought I had more time to get Jake's little stocking done but now I am really feeling the pressure. The stocking says Baby's First Christmas - so it has to get done for this year. Also wanted to get his music box done but I am not sure I am going to make the September 15 deadline.
Better get to back to stitching. I have to take advantage of every minute.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

We are pulling for you as you stitch like the wind!

Melinda said...

Stitch, Linda, Stitch! Nothing like having to watch the clock or the calendar while you stitch. I love the New York Santa - so many great stitches! How will you finish it? Will it be framed? I love Jen's piece as well. Jake's a lucky little boy to have two women stitching for him! Thanks for sharing these with us.