Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Visit to Colonial Needle, Part Two

I hate to bump up into such an adorable posting featuring Linda's cute stocking for Jake, & all those photos of the little man. But I wanted to give you another peek into our visit to the new home of Lee's, at Colonial Needle.

As I mentioned Friday, the Collinghams were wonderful hosts and very generous with their time. They were also very interested in what we had to say about their products. They want to hear what we think, so get back to your LNS shop owners with your thoughts & suggestions. There are quite a few new things to pique our interest. For example, you saw the photo box that I gave to Linda for her birthday; that comes in three terrific colors. For the readers of Needlepoint Now, you've seen the leather bags with the round inserts, also in three colors (I am coveting the red). Just released is the high quality Italian leather bag, in two colors, a rich black, and a luscious brown. For handbag hounds like Linda & I, this was a scintillating experience.

Especially interesting is the new leather pillows. These will allow for interchangeable canvas inserts, like the Italian leather bags, so that you can change the insert with the season. I love this idea, as finishing costs can be so high. Also, you can only make so many pillows; this way, you can have a pillow that changes. These also came in some lovely colors.

Linda & I both have e-readers, so we were eyeing the e-reader covers as well. Look at the inside of the cover.....I love it!

They are also reintroducing many of the classic Lee's items, such as the credit card case, the wallets, the checkbook cover, the hand mirror, the luggage tags, the jewelry boxes (both large & small). The colors were so much fun, and I had visions of Christmas gifts to come. There were also leather products I didn't even know about, such as ornaments (stockings & circles) and the all purpose case.

There are a few more things to tell you about, so look for another post soon.

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