Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of a Wonderful Birthday Weekend

Here are pictures of the Lee Photo Album and the canvas insert that Beth Hunt painted for it.
Denise purchased the album from Amy's and asked to have Beth Hunt paint a canvas with the name Jake on it. What a wonderful birthday present! I already started putting Jake's pictures into the album. Have to get started stitching the canvas.
I am almost done with the Nativity Lambs. Just the last details on the background. The Shepherd and Lambs should be in the mail to Amy's by Tuesday. Then onto the NYC Santa from my Cook-Up Class. I want to have this finished before I go to Ruth's so I can give it to her finishing. Once the NYC Santa is done I have to finish Jake's tiny stocking, his name for the album and the baby carriage to be made into a music box. I better get busy.
The food at Tarry Lounge was good. My husband and I both were happy with our dinner choices but felt something was lacking. I think it was the fact that we were expecting the most delicious meal ever and that was not the case. The food was good, the atmosphere was very nice, and the service was good. We would go back again but without such high expectations.

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