Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Quick Reviews

I wanted to quickly review two new products. First, you may recall that Linda passed her magnifier/light on to me, as I already use a magnifier & she did not want to create a new habit. I tried the combo unit out this weekend, & I am pleased--with two caveats. The magnifier is generous, with a spot for extra magnification as well. The unit clamps onto your frame (or your stand, too, if you wanted) with a c-clamp, which makes it usuable for those Evertites as well as the "regular" frames as well. There is a LED light built into the arm of the magnifier, so the light is right there where you are looking. You can plug in the light or use the batteries.
The unit is excellent for classes or other travel situations. My first caveat, though, is that I would not use it every day, because although the light is ample, it is not the same as my free standing Daylight floor lamp, which helps me look at threads, look for dropped needles as well as stitch. My other caveat is that the magnifier should have a cover, like the Daylight magnifiers do, or it will scratch quickly, and maybe a little cloth travel pouch. All in all, though, it will be joining me at classes, as it still will be easier than my fold up Daylight lamp, which requires a plug.
You can also see Ponza's shrubbery is coming along. This week I have been stymied by broken AC at home. It's hard to stitch when it's 85 degrees in the house.
The other item for your viewing is in the top photo. It is the newest Lee handbag, which was just released in a luscious Italian leather. This is a brand new product, which was hinted about in the current Needlepoint Now issue. I had had some email correspondence with Lee about the products shown in the issue, and Tom (of Colonial Needle Company, which now owns Lee's) told me that this newest product was about to be released. Being a handbag hound, I called my LNS to order one for me, sight unseen.
I was not disappointed; this is a lovely product. You might note from the photo the two rectangles in the corner of the photo. The two rectangles come with the bag, & you stitch up your canvas & attach to the rectangles to finish. It comes with two, so you can change the canvas! What a terrific idea! And Stitch by Stitch told me that you can definitely get more rectangles, so you would be limited only by the speed of your stitching. There are ample handles, to toss the bag over your shoulder, lovely metal feet to match the studs holding the handle, & really, just well made design. What you aren't seeing in the photo is the terrific interior. The bag is ample, with a pretty interior in shades of pink--easier to find things! There are pockets to tuck items into, as you would find in any good handbag. But the secret is the zippered compartment where, by pulling the velcro, you can switch out your canvas insert. I already put my first handbag canvas on bars (I am stitching the Lee tiger for my first insert), & am anxious to get started....
You can see the Lee's products here:
I love enabling ;)


Kelly said...

You mentioned you travel to stitch classes and I see your System 4 in the pictures. Do you have the travel System 4? How do you like it? I am thinking about buying one and would like to hear the opinions of someone that ownes one. I have the Lowery at home and love it but one cannot have too many stitching accessories.

Anonymous said...

I have a Systems 4 and love it and am curious about the light for traveling. Where was it purchased and who makes it? The "toys" we have to have for all the fun we have


Sue VanderNoor

Denise & Linda said...

I have the travel System 4, & I do take it with me. I also have the table stand of the system 4, which I also take to class. I love my system 4, as it fits out of the way & under my couch & all that, & turning the canvas is so easy. My only complaint about the System 4 is that the clamp has to be tightened by the company about once a year.

As for the light that is shown in the photo (with the magnifier), Linda bought it from Amy's;

The other light I use in class is by Daylight. There's a bunch shown here, but the one I have I purchased at Michael's for around $65 or so.


Anonymous said...

Can you please give more information about the magnifier lamp please. Who it is made by and where you purchased it.