Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dr. A Is Finished

It took me quite a while to finish Dr. A but he was worth all the time it took. I am so proud of him. Amy did a magnificent job with her thread and stitch selection. There are so many areas of this canvas that I love that it is hard to pick out one so I will have to pick a few. Dr. A's face is just spectacular. I love the spider webs especially the large one. The candelabra is just magnificent with the wax dripping down the candles and of course the handles of the coffin.
The handles of the coffin were a challenge but I think I mastered them. It took me about a hour for each section of the handles but it was worth all the time and effort. After I finish each piece of either the Halloweenies or the Nativity, I think well Amy cannot top this but she always proves me wrong.
Dr. A will be put away until after Christmas for his trip to Memphis. Hopefully the Bride and Groom will be joining him on this trip. Last night I started the Bride and once she is done I will do the Groom.
Jake is just waking up from his nap so I have to run.


Robin said...

Awesome job, Linda.
I just saw Sarcoph A Gus. He is "beyond"... Amy is going to blow your mind with him. Happy Thanksgiving to both Stitching Sisters. Hugs, Robin

Melinda said...

Way to go Linda! Dr. A looks great and congratulations on the beading on the coffin handles - good job! I love that spider web in the upper right. Dr. A's canvas is sitting on my dining room table and when the morning sunlight hits that spider web, it looks like it was stitched with diamonds! I agree that each character gets better and better. I have really been looking forward to Sarcoph A Gus and I see that Robin says he will blow our minds. Can't wait! Linda, will you email me at I would like to get your mailing address, if you don't mind.