Monday, November 1, 2010

Jake's First Halloween

Here is a picture of Jake in his Halloween costume. Jen got his costume in Pottery Barn. He made such a cute Sweet Pea. Denise, Frank and Ashley came over for breakfast and to see Jake for his First Halloween. We had a great time visiting and catching up on everything and of course everyone enjoyed Jake. Frank, Denise's husband, said that he is built like a linebacker. He really is a very big boy. No little baby anymore.

There has not been a lot of stitching getting done in my house. This will be my second week of watching Jake with no day off. Seven days a week is just too much. In addition I had him sleep over on Saturday night. I got him big boy pj's and he looked soo cute. Next week will be better - I will only have him for three days. This Sunday and Monday I am taking a canvas embellishment class with Tony Mineri and Thursday is Veteran's Day. Jen will take a personal day on Monday and is off on Thursday.

I am still working on Dr. A. Very close to finishing just have to be awake enough to stitch.

Check out Amy's November newsletter. She announced her 2011 Home Study Classes.
The Creche Scene for the Nativity is just magnificent. I am going to do it since I have the Nativity and want to have the perfect backdrop for all my pieces. I cannot even imagine the magic Amy is going to work on this piece. The second Home Study Class is Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving Banner. What a fun piece this is going to be to stitch.


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Melinda said...

Jake is so precious - what a cutie pie (pea)! I'll bet that hat didn't stay on his head for long.

I can understand why you aren't getting a lot done these days. Childcare doesn't leave a lot of time for stitching. Glad you have some weekend time to yourself coming up!

I love the Nativity backdrop for the Home Study, too, although I probably won't participate in that one. The Haunted House is the only construction happening in my future. I do want to sign up for the Thanksgiving banner - that looks like lots of fun.

My bride and groom arrived last night from Marlene and I'll be posting some photos if I can get enough good light in the house this afternoon to take some pictures.

Enjoy every minute of Linda-time that comes your way!