Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wonderful Opportunity

Amy is doing two Home Studies for 2011. Each one will run between four and six months. This is the perfect opportunity for any one who wants to do a Home Study but does not want to commit to a year long project. Both Home Studies are fabulous. The first one is the Creche, designed by Kelly Clark, to the Nativity series. The best thing about the Creche is that it will go with any Nativity you have already. How wonderful it would be to have this beautiful Creche as a backdrop to an heirloom Nativity set you already have. The second piece will be Melissa Shirley's Thanksgiving Banner. What a fun stitch this piece is going to be. I cannot even imagine the magic Amy is going to work. I can see this on my mantel with a few Pilgrims in front of it. Thanksgiving is usually a lost holiday as far as decorating goes in my home but with this beautiful Thanksgiving Banner I will have something to admire between Halloween and Christmas.

I cannot recommend Amy's Home Study Classes enough. Having done the Nativity and now the Halloweenies I know the quality of Amy's stitch guides and the time and effort she puts into every piece. Her choice of thread and stitches is just amazing. You can truly see the pieces come to life as you stitch them. They are truly a work of art. I have learned so much from them and look forward to getting my new piece every month to see what wonderful magic Amy has created. I find the Home Study Classes addictive. I cannot see a year going by without taking one.

I know a year is a big commitment but this time the commitment is only 4 to 6 months. Trust me you will not be disappointed once you take a Home Study. You will probably ask yourself why have I waited so long.

Today Nana Day Care is closed due to the holiday. I just finished cleaning and now am going to sit down with Dr. A . I am very close to finishing him and hope to do so today.


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Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - Ditto to everything you said about Amy's Home Study courses! It's hard to believe that we will soon be coming up on a full year of Halloweenie fun. I'm looking forward to Amy's Thanksgiving banner as my Home Study in 2011.

Hope you enjoyed our day off today and accomplished what you hoped to on Dr. A. W. Herr Wolfe and I have spent some quality time together this week. I have him finished except for the beading on his belt. All of a sudden the end is in sight with this canvas. I have enjoyed this character a lot!

When you get a chance, tell us more about your class with Tony. Loved reading Denise's post about the class and seeing your canvases.