Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ponza Door Complete

The last of the Ponza canvases is finished. I have really enjoyed this series by Sharon G, particularly because I know each & every location she so beautifully stitch painted. Since Sharon created these canvases from my photos, I have an intimate connection with each canvas. I have no favorite; I love each of them for a different reason. This one was a lot of fun, since it was so different from the other three canvases.

The stitch guide was prepared by Tony Minieri, and there are colonial knots & french knots galore. I think it looks so realistic....I don't know if you can tell the depth & perspective from this photo, but in person the perspective is right there.

I am now going back to another Sharon G canvas, the Positano canvas I worked on with Amy this spring.
I think Linda will have a post for you shortly, too, as she was successfully conquering the beading on Dr. A earlier this evening.



Robin said...

Congrats to your finished Ponza group. Please forgive my attempt at Italian... Congratulazioni?

We know you've got your Amy/Sharon Positano canvas under control. Bellisimo!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This makes me want to walk right into the courtyard, Denise. You did a spectacular job. And thanks for allowing SharonG to use your photos of the spectacular Italian coast so we could all share their beauty.

Melinda said...

So beautiful, Denise! Every one of those french/colonial knots was worth the effort.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely stunning. I'm with Jane...makes you want to walk up to the door. Colors, stitches and stitching are beautiful. I am sure you enjoyed every stitch.

Sue VanderNoor