Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Banner

Oh, this is such a fun canvas to stitch. Amy has once again worked her magic. The border is just spectacular. I have not gotten that much done yet but when it is complete it is going to be amazing. Since I have not gotten the forty inch evertites, I mounted the canvas on 24 inch evertites that I had. I started on the right side and did all the gold work on the right side along with center gold stitches and center green and red. I am also finished with the upper right section and then onto the lower right section. I will then fill in both sections before moving the canvas over. Hopefully, the evertites will arrive this week so I can permanently set the canvas on the bars. I cannot wait for lesson two to see what magic Amy works on the first pear.
I have been thinking about how to finish this piece and I think I came up with the perfect way for me. I am going to have it made into a bolster pillow. I have seen some large ones at Ruth's and they are just beautiful. My finishing problem is solved.

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