Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nativity Is On Mantel

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a day full of wonderful food.
The house is decorated except for the tree which we will put up on December 9. The first thing I did was to put up the Nativity. I just love taking out all the pieces and am always amazed at how beautiful each piece is. Amy really did an amazing job designing each piece.
I am so proud of my finished Nativity.

I have been working on the Christmas banner and am almost done with the border. Will post a picture when it is done. Cannot wait for lesson two. I am really looking forward to stitching the pears.



Melinda said...

The mantle looks beautiful, Linda! I know how proud you must be of each piece of the Nativity - as you should be. Great design by Kelly and Amy and great stitching by Linda!

Anonymous said...

That looks so festive. I am inspired to finish my Kelly Clark set from Amy. Did you do the background? I am working on it now and the stitches are so perfect. What else from Amy?

Stephanie from Texas

Kelly Clark said...

Gorgeous, Linda! I am having trouble putting my Fall decorations away! I even promised my hubby I would do it
over the weekend, and I still didn't!
Seeing your Mantel makes me start thinking Christmas!
Thanks for posting the pic of your gorgeous Nativity set!
XO, Kelly