Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Favorite Place (unrelated to stitching)

One day, a few weeks after Ashley came home from Philadelphia, she shouted (as I was driving), "OH MY GOD they opened a Rita's up here!!!!!"

"What's Rita's?" I (calmly) inquired.

"OH MY GOD it is this absolutely amazing ice/slush place, I CANNOT BELIEVE they've opened a Rita's HERE!"

"I'm glad you're now happy to be home again," I replied.

Ashley can be a little dramatic at times. Can't imagine where she gets it from ;)

Anyway, for the past few weeks, on many evenings, there'd be a note somewhere in the house, "Gone to Rita's."

Ok. If she's happy, I'm happy.

Well, this afternoon I suggested, "Why don't we go to Rita's after dinner." My DH then wanted dinner at 3:15 pm. I stalled for a while.

After dinner, we took a ride.

OMG. To quote my darling daughter.

This is a very special place. We all had "Gelati," which have custard on the top & bottom with the flavored ice in the middle. I had a banana split ice with sugar free vanilla custard. Frank had Black Cherry Ice with vanilla custard. Ash had sugar free pink lemonade with sugar free vanilla custard.

I was compelled to call my Stitching Sister from the location so we could plan an excursion IMMEDIATELY.

I recommend that you lobby for one to be opened nearby. As long as they don't close mine.


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Cyn said...

Hi Denise,

We have Rita's around here which I try to forget as I don't want to be tempted. :-)

Windy Meadow