Monday, July 27, 2009

A Pair of Arabian Magi

Sorry I have not posted recently. I have been very busy picking out kitchen cabinets, counter top, back splash, etc. Yes, we are putting in a new kitchen.
I have posted both my finished Arabian Magi and my daughter's finished Arabian Magi.
I know that I say this every time I finish one of the Nativity pieces but I am totally amazed with the stitch guides that Amy does. Most of the painted canvas is ignored. Amy will graph out what she wants you to do for example, faces, hands, hair, etc. Amy also uses a lot of composite stitches for the clothing. Her selection of threads and stitches for the composite stitches is just totally amazing. I cannot understand how she comes up with such totally unique stitches and then picks the perfect threads to really make them pop. It must be wonderful to be so gifted. I have been so fortunate in taking this Home Study Course. I know that Jen and I have learned so much and are continuing to learn something new every month. I will be sorry when all the pieces are stitched.
Today I mailed off both Jen's and my finished Russian Magi and Arabian Magi. I got an email from Jill from Amy's today and I think that our finished Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph are back from the finisher and were mailed to us. She told me there was a surprise in our next Magi box and I hope it is the finishing. If it is, I will post pictures of both our finished pieces.
Right now, I am working on "boo" a canvas by & More with stitch guide by Amy Bunger. I do not know how much I will get done since the next Magi is due to arrive on Wednesday and we have to get them done before the deadline for Christmas finishing. Such pressure.


Anne Stradal said...

As someone who has lived through two kitchen remodels and, most recently, a brand-new construction, I applaud your stitching efforts during this time! Your Magi is terrific--look forward to seeing "finishes."

Anonymous said...

Jello Linda...

My daughter and I have LOVED watching your progress with the Nativity Series. We are working on the 'class' behind you, and the truth be told, the challenge of these pieces prevents me from stitching quickly. I am behind, but I keep telling myself that it is not a race, it is a meditation!

Where do you send your work to be finished? Did you not hand deliver them back to Amy earlier this season?

What style are they being finished in...stuffed/easel...

We both have our Holy Family ready for finishing, but have questions that perhaps you can answer.

Thanks in advance.
Susan (Toronto)

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Susan,

I gave Amy our pieces for finishing. The are finished as easel backs. I will post pictures of the finished pieces on the blog tomorrow so you can see them. Remember Amy's cut off date for Christmas finishing is September 1.

This is not a series that you can rush. It is very intense and requires a lot of concentration. My daughter and I set our goal to get the first six pieces in by the finishing deadline so we could have them this year for Christmas.

Good luck and Happy stitching,