Friday, July 31, 2009

Finished Nativity

Here are the first three finished pieces of my Nativity. I am so pleased with the way they came out. I have to let the straw on Baby Jesus calm down before I trim it. Before I sent it in for finishing I had to cover the infant with tissue paper and then use pink hair tape to fold the straw up to cover the infant so that when it was finished the straw was protected. The Russian Magi and Arabian Magi have just been sent in for finishing and as soon as I get the Magi of the Orient done I will send him in. I should have a total of six pieces for this Christmas.

I have been working on "boo" and am having such fun with it. Hope to finish it by the weekend since I have to start the Magi of the Orient to get him in on time for finishing.


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Anonymous said...

Oh Linda....they are magnificant!!! Your post has spurred me on and my needle is zipping through the canvas setting records.

I am glad to see that you left your straw on the 'longer side'. I have as well, thinking that I will trim it after finishing.

I have never had anything finished in the 'easel back' fashion. Would you mind posting a picture of that for us to see?

Again, thanks for the inspiration.

Susan (Toronto)