Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amy's Newsletter

Today the July issue of Amy's e-newsletter came out and it is just a wealth of information. This is one thing that everyone should sign up for and it is free. Go to Amy's website www. and click on newsletter. You are going to just be amazed at what you find. In this month's issue, Amy is working on & More "boo" canvas. She has written a stitch guide for it and it is fabulous. She has a lesson on beading - what color beading thread to use when beading to get the effect you want to achieve. Also her stitch of the month is about beading. This issue is just full of information and insights into the trade show. Sign up today so that next month you will automatically get it emailed to you.

Congratulations, Robin for an outstanding newsletter. I look forward every month to getting the newsletter.


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