Sunday, July 12, 2009

Polishing Techniques

It is apparently all the rage to polish up needlework techniques this summer. You may recall that Linda & I are taking Tony Minieri's "Techniques" class, which will meet once a month over the next 6 months or so. Tony is apparently teaching this class elsewhere around the country, in 4 day stints, or, in some cases, once a week for about 6-8 weeks.

Gay Ann Rogers has also decided to get us all to toe the line, as she has also introduced a "Techniques" Column on her website, which is very interesting as well. Janet Perry of Nuts about Needlepoint is also dropping gems of information regularly, too.

I could just sit and absorb all this information constantly! I am, however, feeling better and need to re-introduce myself to the regular workday, so my studies must be set aside for late night reading....sigh.

Today I tripped all over myself trying to tie a knot the way Tony taught us. Not a pretty sight. Mia, the kitten enjoyed it immensely though.

On the other hand, with Tony's voice whispering (loudly) in my ear, I never put down my laying tool while I was stitching.

So, one step forward, one back....I guess it's sort of like reverse stitching :)


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Anne Stradal said...

As long as you're still having fun!