Sunday, March 13, 2011

And the Third Vintage Ornament is Completed

I am zooming along through these, aren't I? Love these quick projects. I have a bunch to drop off for finishing soon. Actually almost finished with number 4 now.

Linda has finished her Eye Candy tree but is too tired to post. Jake's been a little under the weather with a stomach bug so he's been knocking Nana for a loop since last week.



Robin said...

These are nice ornaments. Who is their designer? I love how you will have these back in time to enjoy this season. Will they be hung on the tree or be on a special wreath? Thanks for sharing.

Denise & Linda said...

These are all by Raymond Crawford. Last year Fireside Stitchery did these ornaments as a club. They are no longer listed on their site as a club, but I would think the canvases are available. Denise

Missy Gray said...

This looks great, Denise. Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to see more. (I join you in the love of the instant gratification project!)