Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quick Update

No photos this time. A trip to my LNS, Stitch by Stitch resulted in another stash increase, this one a little canvas that will be a Christmas gift (disclosure: I actually had wanted this little canvas for myself but my daughter, ever alarmed that my stash will overtake the entire house, pointed out that I "really did not need another Christmas canvas." So I used my mental energy to figure out a way to get the canvas anyway). This is the Melissa Shirley canvas:

Cute, right? I picked up a music box at Stitch as well, playing Silent Night; I will make a little stand up house.

Ok, need to get to work. Gotta pay for that stash one way or the other ;)



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Please explain to your daughter that "need" has nothing to do with it. We use canvas acquisition to keep us sane and provide canvases to stitch in our old age. If necessary, all your stitching friends are willing to show up on her doorstep (or email in box) to explain this further....

Jane, growling a little from CH

Denise & Linda said...

Ashley was quite alarmed at this prospect. She meekly withdraws her objections....for now.

Suestich said...


I think your Daughter sounds like my Daughter and Son. I keep explaining to my two that it makes me happy and we want to keep me happy. Jane is right...sanity is a wonderful thing and need is not a word that fits well with Needlepoint and Canvases

Sue VanderNoor

Robin said...

Your daughter will soon learn: If Mama ain't happy... no one is happy.