Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Fifth!

Here's the fifth Vintage Ornament. This one took a little longer to complete; it was a tiring week at work, & I skipped stitching quite a few nights. There were really only two stitches here, a cashmere checker for the background & a chain stitch for the swirls. The swirls, worked up in boucle', look pretty but I didn't love working with all that Boucle'. Another sacrifice for beauty.

I signed up for a club last week, & the first canvas arrived on Monday. The past few months, ever since January's TNNA, a ton of designers, shop owners & stitchers have come over to Facebook now, especially thanks to Jane of Chilly Hollow, who created a Needlepoint group for us to hang out. Last week, Alison Hodgkiss, owner of A Stitch in Time posted up finished products of her latest group, some adorable witches from Kelly Clark with custom stitch guides by Alison. I am not a Halloween fan, and these tempted me (you-know-who was also tempted). However, wandering around the site for Alison's store, I discovered a DIFFERENT club she had started just this past January. This one is a set of 12 Raymond Crawford flower designs (are we seeing a pattern here?) which can be used for a perpetual calendar. Here's the link for this club: Since I love needlepoint projects like this, you can see why this grabbed my attention.

So now I am really feeling the pressure of my stash, as I want to get started on this right away. Truly not enough hours in a day.

Have a great weekend!



Melinda said...

Hi, Denise - This is a gorgeous ornament! I really like the chain stitch in boucle - thanks for posting the stitch and the thread that you used. I would have never figured that out. It was worth the effort!

The Raymond Crawford flowers look like fun. I think you will really enjoy stitching them.

Robin said...

Hi Denise,
Love #5. I saw the Raymond Crawford Perpetual Calendar/Flowers when I was at Alison's shop teaching in January. Neat idea. Can't wait to see your progress. Hugs, Robin

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are going to have a blast with these flowers.

So why do I feel guilty? You don't need to sleep, after all!

Jane, your master enabler, slinking away

Missy Gray said...

Denise, you are killing me with these ornaments...I keep attempting to display willpower and NOT order them. However, this one may have put me over the edge. I LOVE it! I am with you on the loathing of the boucle but it does give an effect that you really can't get with another fiber.
This looks super. I cannot wait to see it all finished up and, thereafter, to see a tree laden with these beauties. Have a great stitching weekend. I am cooking first and stitching second. But stitching is soon on the horizon...

Anonymous said...


Double Wow!!! What a great ornament. I, like everyone else, do not like stitching alot with Boucle but it sure was woth the effort. Looks terrific.

Sounds like we all are planning a day of stitching.

Sue VanderNoor

Diane said...


Could you please tell me how to get to the Chilly Hollow online group you are talking about. Your ornaments are beautiful and your work stunning.