Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fall Tree Is Ready for Finishing

Last week I finished the Fall Tree by Eye Candy with stitch guide by Ada Haydon that appeared in Fall issue of Needlepoint Now. This tree was such a fun and quick stitch. I chose to do the single tree for two reasons. First I do not have the patience to stitch the same thing three times and second the way I envision it finished does not require the three trees. I am going to keep the finishing a secret of now. I will take this tree with me when I go to Ruth's for the Kelly Clark class in April. I will tell Ruth all about my ideas for the tree and I am sure that Ruth will have some suggestions that will really be totally awesome. I enjoyed stitching this tree so much that I plan on stitching the three remaining trees. I already have the Winter tree and will pick up the Spring tree when I go to Ruth's.
I am presently working on one of Kelly Clark's Halloween Apples with stitch guide by Amy Bunger. Amy did such a great stitch guide for this canvas. I am having such fun with it. I am so happy to be working on small projects. It is really nice to see a finished project at the end of one or two weeks. I hope to get the second apple that I got from Amy done before I go to Ruth's so that I can give the two of them to Ruth for finishing. I cannot wait to get my third apple and the wonderful Kelly Clark Bats that Amy is also doing stitch guides for.
Before I know it the Creche will be arriving and that will be taking up most if not all of my stitching time. I want the Creche for this Christmas and that means I have to have it completed by the end of August. Hopefully, I will not need surgery because that will really put a halt to all my stitching for awhile. So far physical therapy seems to be working and I am really hopeful that PT will be my cure. I can see Denise rolling her eyes as she reads this - she is saying that Linda lives in a world of denial. I really don't live in a world of denial - I just have a lot a faith in my PT technician and myself.
In just a few short weeks, I will be going to Baltimore for the Kelly Clark class at Ruth's. I am so excited about meeting Kelly and seeing the wonderful canvases she has chosen for the class at Ruth's. Karen and I have been counting the days until we go. I do not know who is more excited about this trip. I think it might be me since it will be a little vacation for me from my Nana Day Care Job. I love the little man but could really use a break.
Enjoy your weekend of stitching.


Melinda said...

Linda - The tree looks fabulous! I'm excited to see what kind of finishing you come up with. We're both keeping our finishing ideas secret, aren't we?

I'm glad you have the small projects to keep you busy until the creche arrives. That should keep you occupied for quite awhile but it will be lots of fun along the way.

As for the shoulder, maybe your physical therapist can figure a way to make stitching part of your therapy. I'm happy to hear it is feeling better.

Diane said...

Linda-I am headed to Ruth's, as well, for the Kelly Clark class. Can't wait to meet you.

The trees look great and can't wait to "eves drop" on your finishing conversation with Ruth

Missy Gray said...

Linda, the tree looks super! Cannot wait to see how you have it finished. Thank heavens for the smaller, instant gratification projects!

Suestich said...

The trees looks great and looking forward to seeing how you finish it. Bet it will be fantastic

Hope the shoulder improves.

Sue VanderNoor

Ada Haydon said...

This looks great! Please do post a photo when you get it back from the finishers. I'd love to add it to the Finishing Gallery on my website. Thanks so much for sharing!