Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Need a Bigger House

All of the Ponza canvases have come back from the framer, together with their corresponding photos. I had the photos that Sharon G worked from to paint the canvases enlarged & framed. The eight framed pieces have not been hung yet; I am actually getting a professional picture & mirror hangar in to hang them.

My husband commented that these may take up the last available wall space in the house. I told him, then I guess we need a bigger house.



Robin said...

Denise, this is a wonderful collection. LOVE the photos with their corresponding needlepoint. Be sure to post the link of your blog in the Needlepoint Group, too.

Melinda said...

Denise - what a wonderful accomplishment! It's great to see all of these together along with the original photographs.

SharonG Needlepoint said...

I am so proud of how they look. How many more of your Ponza photos should I paint so you can get a bigger house?

Karen said...

Great Job. You should be so proud of yourself!

Missy Gray said...

Denise, these are magnificent. Lovely photographs; stunning canvases from Sharon; beautifully and artfully stitched; framed perfectly! I think that your husband will be happy to find a bigger house to display more wonders like this. Thanks for letting all of us share your progress and see the magnificence of the totality.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely breathtaking and stunning. Sharon G. did a wonderful job of painting the canvas from the photos and your stitching is superb. The water looks so inviting. Of course, Tony outdid himself once again. Thanks for sharing your stitching adventure. I have enjoyed the journey. What are you going to do to follow these?

Sue VanderNoor