Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love My Framer

I have to admit that I love my framer. He's quite a character; he's been framing my needlepoint for over 25 years. I used to live right near his store, & my husband & I literally stumbled upon him & his store on an evening walk one night after we first got married.

He's got such a good eye for color enhancement, putting frames & mats together so well. But you need to have a tough skin---he doesn't tolerate a lot of chit chat and the indecisive truly irritate him. When I went to pick up this Positano canvas, there was a couple at the front table, arguing with each other about frames & mats & shades. I looked around for Phil, who was working with another customer at a back table. He called out to me "Ward---you know why I'm back here, right?" I know that bickering couple must have gotten on his last nerve.

I just waved & grabbed my work. No need to watch those fireworks! I do believe in letting the professionals do their work. Ognuno al suo misteri--to each his own specialty.



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...


You are lucky to have such a terrific framer to work with.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! A breathtaking piece

Sue VanderNoor

Missy Gray said...

It looks fabulous, Denise.