Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wrapping Up Jakefest

The final celebration for Jake's 1st birthday was a family brunch. The guest of honor took his morning nap a little later than usual, so he kept us waiting a bit. We toasted him with mimosas while we waited.

He seemed to enjoy the gifts we gave him; a few books, a fun spring outfit, a mower that made all sorts of surprise noises. I tried to open it up for Jake to enjoy, but was foiled by safety packaging. I hope he plays with it at Nana's house so that she can carry him a little bit less, & save her shoulder a little.

We had a great time with the little guy and it's amazing how quickly he grew this year. I know the years will fly by even faster now.


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Melinda said...

What a cutie pie! I love the birthday crown! I'm glad everyone was feeling well enough to go out and celebrate. The lawnmower looks like a perfect gift for playing with outside this spring. Glad you all had a fun day!