Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sterling Bag with Monogram Insert

Here is the picture of my finished canvas in the Sterling bag. Jen is going to put the canvas in the bag for me. I just put the canvas in the bag to see how it looks. Jen will remove the protective paper from the adhesive backing and put the canvas in. I worked on this canvas every time I had to watch Jake. It took me two and half months to finish since I only stitched if he was sleeping. The bag will be coming with me to Amy's. Getting everything ready to go.
Just ordered Bohin needles from Bedecked and Beadazzled and the lap system 4 frame from Amy's. Amy will hold the frame for me until I arrive for class. It would be stupid for me to have it shipped and then only carry have to take it back to Amy's for the class. Now I will only have to take it home.
Back to working on Frank. Hope to get the cat done tonight and maybe start his shoes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I have been very busy working on Frank and hope to have him done by the weekend. Stitching time is at a premium since Jake has arrived. He is getting soo big. He is 10 weeks old now and is just the happiest little man. Promise to post pictures of Frank and Jake soon.

Last night I did not stitch on Frank since I watched the season finale of Lost and could not work on a project that required my full attention. Instead, I worked on my monogram insert canvas for a Sterling bag. I finished the canvas and just have to insert it into the bag. Hope to post a picture of the completed bag tomorrow.

One month from today I will be at Amy's. I cannot wait to go. I need this stitching vacation soo bad. My fellow stitching sister, Denise, will be coming this year along with my friend, Kathy and Kathy's mother. Jen is also coming. We are going to have the best time. Last year Jen and I had such a great stitching experience and formed a wonderful friendship with Amy. Amy makes you feel just like family. I cannot wait for Denise and Kathy to experience taking a class with Amy. Jen and I have been saying all year that we cannot wait for June to come to go back to visit with Amy.

Off to do some work on Frank. I am so close to finishing him. I just need some real quality stitching time.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Gingerbread Come Home, & Thank You Spinster Stitcher

The gingerbread people came home last week. Ashley & I enjoyed working them up. Imagine, Christmas is 7 months away!

I finished my belt which will be worked into a strap for my handbag. I turned that into Stitch by Stitch last weekend, and am hopeful it will be back very quickly as I am anxious to put my new leather bag into use. I'll post a photo of the completed bag when the strap comes back.

I also finished up a cute canvas for Jake, which is also pictured above. I will be dropping it at the framers this week, I hope.

I spent most of Mother's Day watching TV, and want to thank Spinster Stitcher for hooking me up with the Tudors. I have watched Seasons 1 & 2 in 8 days. Can't wait to start Season 3 tonite. Great. Another addiction ;)

Started working up the last of the Ponza canvases, DPW03. While watching the Tudors, I tent stitched the 1st of the 4 borders in black Kreinik. Then, I surrounded myself with tons of stitching books, to select a stitch for the sky. I've only completed 2 rows, having ripped out 3 prior stitch selections. I think this one will stick. We'll see.

I would post about Jake but I haven't seen him in over a week. For all I know he'll be leaving for college soon :) Such a genius.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jake, Stitch Box and Storage for House

Here is a picture of Jake smiling in his sleep. Just had the camera in my hand at the right moment. Aunt Denise bought Jake his Christening Outfit. Jake looks so handsome in it. His Christening is set for June 6. Jake is now 12 pounds. He is getting so big. I am off today to buy him bigger clothes. He is outgrowing everything.
I got the lid back from the framer and just have to screw it onto the box and then I will fill it with all my projects.
The last picture is the storage bag I am using for the Haunted House canvas. It is large enough to hold the canvas and the black storage compartment on the front is large enough to store all the threads for the house. I purchased the bag from Amy's. It a Prestige Deluxe Mesh Bag size 20 x 26 and cost about $16.50. I wanted something that would keep the canvas safe and clean and the idea of having a place to also hold the threads for the Haunted House was a real added bonus for me. Everything is in one place and you do not have to go looking for anything.
Frank is coming along slowly. I never had time to stitch during the day and now I do not get to sit down and stitch until 10 at night. Jake is really taking up most of my time. He is such a joy to have around that you forget about the time and then once he goes home I have to clean up all his toys, chair, books, etc. Once Frank is completed I will send him and Stirha off to Amy's for finishing and then I will unfortunately have to take a break from the Halloweenies to go back to finish up the Nativity. After the Nativity is completed, I have to stitch something for Jake and then I should be able to get back to the Halloweenies.