Friday, August 17, 2012

Box from Amy

I just love getting unexpected surprises in the mail. Today I received a box from Amy filled with wonderful things.

The Vampire Blood poison bottle with stitch guide and threads was the first surprise I opened. I love the colors for this one, it is going to be such a fun stitch.

Next surprise was Sandra Arthur's third Shapes of Needlepoint book. This books covers corners, hexagons,ovals and parallelograms. I am taking a class at ANG's Seminar with Sandra and am so looking forward to it.

You know a post is never complete without a picture of Jake.

Here he is having a good time in Cape Cod. We did FaceTime the other night so we could see each other. In just about two weeks, Nana Daycare will be opening.

Well I am busy getting ready for my big adventure to California. Karen and I are very excited about this trip. We will visit a few needlepoint stores before we go to the Ritz Carlton for our Needlepoint Retreat given by Aristeia. This is my first trip to California and I cannot wait. I hope to do postings while I am in California. Hopefully, I will be able to take pictures of the class. It will be nice to meet all the needlepointers from Facebook and needlepoint blogs. California here I come.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Off To Finisher

I finished Jake's Santa last night and now I just have to bring it in for finishing.
Sharon G suggested Criss Cross Hungarian for the background stitch and I think it was the perfect stitch. Jake is going to just love his Santa.

Back to the Thanksgiving House. I am stitching the boards for the front of the house and then onto the back and sides.

This week is going to be very busy. I have to get everything ready for my trip to California. I hope my family can survive five days without me. I am so excited about this trip. Cannot wait to meet Melissa Shirley. Karen and I have a VERY early flight out of New York. We land in LA around 9:30 AM. We have the whole day to get into trouble exploring needlepoint shops.


Monday, August 6, 2012

More NeedlepointnPresents

On Saturday at Nimble Needle, Karen announced that she had ordered two Needle Deeva Sunflower and Berries canvases and guides. I immediately said I would take it. I just love all the techniques that Robin has used on this canvas. I know that this is going to be a fun stitch

Canvas and guide. I will pick up all the threads and beads while I am in California (just two weeks to go).
Today a package from Peacock Alley arrived just in time for my birthday. What a wonderful needlepoint present.

A wonderful stocking ornament.

I just had to have a Keep Calm canvas and this one was the perfect one.
Off to dinner with the family and it is the end of this years birthday celebration.
My family and friends really made this a special birthday for me. I love all my gifts because they were all given with love and that is what makes a truly wonderful gift

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Progress On Santa

Just have the background on Jake's Santa to do and then off to the finisher. Sharon G suggested Criss Cross Hungarian for the background. I am using Gloriana and Kreinik for the stitch. I love the way he is coming out. I always use a Rhodes stitch for the checks. The sweater had to be Kalem to make it looked knitted and I decided to French Knot the fur trim on Santa's hat and pompom instead of Turkey Work. Just love how it came out. Hope Jake is going to love his Santa.

I will post a picture when I finish the background.

As soon as I am finished with this ornament, I will get back to the Thanksgiving House.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend Off To A Wonderful Start

When I got home from personal training and getting my hair done, I found wonderful surprises waiting for me at my front door.

There was a box of flowers and also a box from Amy.

The flowers are just beautiful and I love the container they came in. It is something I will keep in my kitchen filled with flowers all year to remind me of the wonderful and dear stitching friend that sent them to me. I also got a gift certificate from Amy's from the same wonderful and dear stitching friend. Stitching friends are the best friends because we all have the same love and passion and know exactly what would bring a smile to our friend's face. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making my day.

Also in the box from Amy were three canvases from Associated Talent. Two initial Christmas ornaments with guides and threads and the witch hat with the spider legs base also with guide and threads.

This weekend is off to a wonderful start.

Tomorrow Denise and I are off to Nimble Needle for a class with Sharon G.
This is the canvas I doing for the class.

The best present I received was on Wednesday. Jake has been doing a lot of shoulder shrugging and the doctor suggested we go see a Neurologist in the City.
Wednesday was the day we went to see the Neurologist. I am happy to say that there is nothing wrong with Jake and he is a very healthy and happy boy.

Jake and his little girl friend. He sure looks like the picture of health.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the weekend brings.