Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New canvases

I purchased two of the Stitching Girls by Melissa Shirley. Have always loved them and when Karen found them I just had to get them.

Here is Moe Zaick.

Here is Barr Giello.

They are small and should be quick stitches. I also ordered two more and will tell you who when I get them.

Look at now cute Colleen had them framed. Plan on doing something similar for my sewing room.

Last night I started A Royal Pain In The Tudors and am always amazed at how Amy works such magic. I was in needlepoint heaven stitching last night. Cannot wait to stitch to night. Unfortunately, I cannot stitch during the day with Jake and only stitch for an hour or two at night. Looking to having the summer off.

Speaking of Jake what would a post be without a picture of the big guy.

Jake and a bunny. No it is not ours. He was at a party where they had a petting zoo. He loved the bunny.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fifth Egg Is Finished

I finally had the time today to finish the fifth From Russia With Love egg. When Karen and I were in Houston last week we got to visit Needle House. What a lovely store it is. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Would definitely put it on my to see list, if you ever go to Houston.

Here is egg number five.

Today I also finished up the beading on my third Heritage II ornament. I added more beads and am happy with it.

I still have to find some green ribbon for the bow.

Tonight I am going to be sitting down with royalty. A Royal Pain In The Tudors is waiting for the stitching to begin.

Tomorrow I will show you what I purchased at The Needle Works.


Monday, April 22, 2013

The Needle Works Part II

Here are more pictures of The Needle Works.

Walls are filled with threads.

More threads

Even more threads


Looking into the classroom in the back

The classroom has windows on three walls. Such a bright and well lit room perfect for stitching.

Off the classroom is a full kitchen. We were served a delicious lunch everyday that Colleen made.

As you can tell this was a wonderful weekend - great friends, stitching and food.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Needle Works

I promised you pictures of The Needle Works and here a few.

When you walk in the door you see this beautiful LARGE table with chairs.
The table is in front of the fireplace, which is being covered by this beautiful floral canvas. The mantel as well as bookcases on the sides and walls are covered with the wonderful finished needlepoint

Just behind the table is a work station. Behind the work station are threads. Please note the window on the left - the whole store and classroom are filled with these windows. The light is perfect for stitching and picking out threads.

This check out area is to the right of the work station. Again check out the windows and lighting and all the displayed finished needlepoint.

The glass display case is to the right when you first work into the store. The finished needlepoint is just spectacular.

This area is across from the register. Loads of canvases, accessories and a sneak peek at just a few of The Needle Works accessories.

Just have to say that Stephanie and her fellow swans are very lucky to have such a fabulous LNS.

More to come tomorrow.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day One of Class

What a wonderful day we had at The Needle Works in Austin. Colleen's store is absolutely a needlepointers dream. You cannot imagine the threads, canvases, beads, accessories and books. I did not get a chance to take pictures today but will try to tomorrow. The classroom is the perfect room for stitching. The lighting is perfect and there is plenty of room to spread out.

Here is a picture of the canvas with the wonderful snap tray and magnet we received. All our threads were in The Needle Works box.

Laurie is a wonderful teacher and we are all have a great learning experience.


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Peter Rabbit

Today Karen and I went to The Needle House in Houston, Texas. What a wonderful store. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel so welcomed and at home.
Highly recommend visiting this shop when you visit Houston. Laurie Walden happened to be teaching and we got to meet her. She is a wonderful person so friendly and willing to discuss her needlepoint projects with us. I saw Peter Rabbit as soon as I walked into the store and I have to tell you he is totally magnificent.
The canvas is by Labors of Love and Laurie did the stitch guide. The guide will be available to buy probably sometime around October. She is also doing the girl rabbit which is also going to be magnificent. Karen and I both fell in love with them and talked to Laurie about doing them.

This picture does not do him justice. I loved him when I saw the picture but when you see him in person you really get to see all the wonderful details, techniques and embellishments that bring him to life. Truly a work of art.

Better get to bed so I am wide awake for class tomorrow.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Look At What The UPS Man Brought

The Royal Pain in the Tudors arrived. This is going to be an amazing needlepoint adventure. Amy has really gone over the top with her stitch selections. If you want to experience a wonderful learning adventure this is it. One composite stitch is made up of six steps. I always learn from Amy's home study courses but this one is going to take you to a new level of stitching. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have gotten my kit early. As soon as I make my copy of the canvas, it is going on the stretcher bars and the journey will begin.

Kit one is 13 pages. My fingers are so itching to get started.

I will only have two days to stitch on this and then Karen and I leave for Texas.
We will spend a day in Houston visiting the needlepoint shops and then drive to Austin for a three class at The Needle Works. We will be stitching a Sundance canvas called Flower Market. Laura Taylor, of Aristeia, will be teaching the piece. So looking forward to seeing Colleen's store. Everyone who has visited says it is just amazing.
Looking forward to seeing and visiting with friends that we have not seen in awhile.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Finish

Just put the last stitch in the background. I am waiting on beads to finish up the bottom red section.

I am going to look for green ribbon for the bow. I feel it needs a real bow.


School Pictures

Just had to share Jake's school pictures.

Isn't he a cutie.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Merry Christmas in April

This year for Christmas Denise, my stitching sister, gave me a gift certificate to Vera Bradley. In the fall, when I went to Amy's I had bought one of the Fall collections and mentioned it to Denise that in the Spring I was going to do the same thing. Since Denise says that I am a very difficult person to buy for she now knew the perfect gift to give me for Christmas, a Vera Bradley gift certificate. Today I used my present.

I purchased the tote bag, iPad sleeve, smartphone wristlet, pen, luggage tag with cute fish on it, clear cosmetic case also with a cute fish that I will use for all my needlepoint tools and the last item I got was a mirror cosmetic bag which was a free gift. I just love all my new things. Thank you Denise.

When I was at the register paying for everything, I mentioned to the salesgirl that I was coming last Sunday but they were closed for Easter and I had a coupon that expired that day. She asked if I had the coupon with me and I told her that I had thrown it away. She asked what the coupon looked like and the amount and I told her. She honored the coupon. I love Vera Bradley.

A post would not be complete without a few pictures of Jake. He is now playing soccer. It seems like only yesterday he was just a baby.

Listening to the coach.

Enjoying a refreshment.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Easter Goodies

As soon as I saw this on Diane's blog, Diane's Taking Time Out to Needlepoint, I knew I had to order it. The finishing is what got me.

The canvases are by Cooper Oak Designs.

The finishing is just so cute and is done by Mountain Shadow. I have the perfect spot for it in my kitchen.

Princess and Me ornament back from finisher.

Back of ornament.

I am presently working on my fifth From Russia With Love egg and am waiting for some more background thread and beads for the third Heritage II ornament so I can finish it up.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Ever Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny was very good to me this year. The Stitching Witches Club canvas arrived and the best news is Amy is doing a stitch guide for it which will be available in July. Amy has shared a few of her ideas for this canvas with me and you will be amazed at the magic she is going to work on this canvas. She is planning some wonderful things for the Witches's bags. I fingers are itching to stitch this. So happy it will be available in July since I am on vacation from Nana Day Care and I will have the summer to stitch.

This canvas is just beautiful. Photos do not do it justice. Melissa Shirley did a
magnificent job on this canvas. Cannot get better then a canvas by Melissa and stitch guide by Amy.

More Easter basket goodies tomorrow.