Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Has Linda Been Doing?

I am so sorry that I have not posted in awhile. Time just seems to go by so quickly lately.

Karen and I went to Memphis in the beginning of November to visit with Amy and Jill but to also do Rent Amy Days. What a fabulous time we had. We had never done Rent Amy Days before and did not know what to expect. We were both blown away by what we learned and came home with. We went with canvases we knew we wanted help with.

I wanted help with a stitch for the lace on my Nutcracker by Sandra Gilmore.

Amy graphed out the perfect stitch for the lace.

I also brought with me Kelly Clark's "HO HO HO" canvas and asked Amy for stitch suggestions.

Amy drew out the areas with stitch and thread suggestions. Graphs for the stitches were printed out and threads pulled.

I have stitched the bottom border and started the background.

Amy also did a "guide" for the Pink Topiary by Kelly Clark.

I have not started this one yet.

Amy told us that she was ours for the weekend and we were to tell her what we needed and she would accommodate us. It was a wonderful fun, relaxed learning experience. Amy did demonstrations of different techniques, explained when to pad with felt, cotton or bead and shared her knowledge on so many different techniques. We learned so much. I highly recommend doing a Rent Amy Day - we are already booked for next year.