Monday, May 12, 2014

Hope Everyone Had A Wonderful Mother's Day

I had a great day with Jake and Emma. They bring such joy into my life.
Jake is adapting pretty well to Emma's presence. Most of the time he is a very loving and protective big brother. Emma is a really good baby. She is taking good naps during the day. She goes down at seven for the night and wakes up around midnight for a bottle and does not get up until seven in the morning.

Jake and Emma look like they are having a conversation.

Jake is getting ready to kiss Emma.

Emma at 10 weeks old.

Emma in her beautiful dress. This outfit was a gift from my dear friend Karen. Unfortunately, it was too big for Easter so Emma wore it for Mother's Day. It also has a matching sweater but it was too warm for it. We plan to have Emma wear it after her Christening. Emma will be wearing Jen's Christening gown and we will change her into this fabulous outfit before we go to the restaurant.

I finished the Sew Much Fun Caroler for Jake. Now onto stitching Emma's.

I thought I was going to be on vacation since Jen is home but that has not been the case. I have less time for myself now. I either go to Jen's to watch Emma or she brings her to me. Jake wants his time too so we set up Nana and Jake play dates.
So I have one or both just about everyday. I have not had much time to stitch. I had such great stitching planned but it will have to wait. Before I turn around Emma will be turning 4 like Jake and be going to school full time and not have time to see Nana.
I want to cherish every moment before they get to big and do not want to hang out with Nana. I will have plenty of time to stitch then.