Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nativity Is On Mantel

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a day full of wonderful food.
The house is decorated except for the tree which we will put up on December 9. The first thing I did was to put up the Nativity. I just love taking out all the pieces and am always amazed at how beautiful each piece is. Amy really did an amazing job designing each piece.
I am so proud of my finished Nativity.

I have been working on the Christmas banner and am almost done with the border. Will post a picture when it is done. Cannot wait for lesson two. I am really looking forward to stitching the pears.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas the Night Before...

Actually, it's the night before Thanksgiving, but close enough. This beautiful piece just came back from the finisher; I love it! It has a music box inside as well. All my Christmas pieces are now back for the holiday season to begin.

Tomorrow, I will give thanks for my wonderful family, my exceptional friends, my stitching sister, Linda, of course, the talented designers & the dedicated stitchers. Enjoy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Progress on Christmas Banner

I have completed the border on the right side of the canvas. I have to move the canvas to stitch the left side of the border. My forty inch evertites have not arrived yet. I sure hope they arrive this week. I am not comfortable with rolling up the stitched area and just leaving it hanging is not any better. Right now I am just letting it hang with a pillow case over it.
I am thoroughly enjoying stitching this canvas. Amy's choice of stitches and threads for the border is perfect. The direction changes and color changes for the stitches really makes someone looking at the canvas think it is so complicated to stitch but it is so fast and easy. Looking forward to lesson two. I can only imagine the magic Amy will work on the pears and background.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to be blessed with my wonderful family and friends. I am especially thankful for my Jake. He brings such joy into my life.


Friday, November 18, 2011


I have finished my African Safari Teapot, which was a workshop class I took with Tony Minieri at our LNS, Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont. I was challenged by this workshop, as, for me, this was the first project of this type on this canvas size. But classes with Tony are such a fun experience, that I just had to accept the challenge.

I am stunned with how beautiful the piece is, and Tony is really so inventive; it amazes me. If you ever have the chance to work up a project with Tony, do so; you won't regret it!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am so happy that the Christmas season will be here by the end of next week.
My house will be decorated on next Friday. I cannot wait to get the Nativity out and on the mantel. I miss seeing all those beautiful pieces.
Today I received a box from Ruth with my holiday snap tray and walker bags. I am so excited to have needlepoint accessories for the holidays. I am already using my snap tray and the small walker bag. As you can see from the tray and bags, I am Merry Merry. This is truly the happiest time of the year for me. This year will be especially exciting because of Jake. When he saw my Halloween decorations and lights, he got all excited and I can only imagine his excitement when he sees all the Christmas decorations.
Amy has me in the Christmas state of mind with the Christmas Banner (which I am just loving), and next week Ruth will add to my Christmas spirit with her New Mystery Class. So many wonderful things to stitch.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Banner

Oh, this is such a fun canvas to stitch. Amy has once again worked her magic. The border is just spectacular. I have not gotten that much done yet but when it is complete it is going to be amazing. Since I have not gotten the forty inch evertites, I mounted the canvas on 24 inch evertites that I had. I started on the right side and did all the gold work on the right side along with center gold stitches and center green and red. I am also finished with the upper right section and then onto the lower right section. I will then fill in both sections before moving the canvas over. Hopefully, the evertites will arrive this week so I can permanently set the canvas on the bars. I cannot wait for lesson two to see what magic Amy works on the first pear.
I have been thinking about how to finish this piece and I think I came up with the perfect way for me. I am going to have it made into a bolster pillow. I have seen some large ones at Ruth's and they are just beautiful. My finishing problem is solved.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Karens Amazing Needlepoint Adventure

Our trip started last week with a Cook Up Class at Amy's. We had a wonderful time with great food, friends and laughs. Amy always amazes us with her amazing stitch guides. We all left for the airport on Sunday evening. Denise and I had a seven o'clock flight to New York and Karen had a seven thirty flight to LA.
On Monday Karen's amazing adventure began.
Karen first stopped at Aristeia Needlepoint and just raved about their new store and then she went off to the Ritz Carlton. The hotel is in the most perfect location with the most perfect setting and just beautiful rooms. Needless to say Karen felt she was in heaven. The next day started with a delicious lunch and then the best part began working on the needlepoint project. Karen has called me everyday with a report of what she is doing. I can tell you she is having the time of her life. The setting is perfect, the food is delicious and the class is fabulous.
Karen has meet so many wonderful people like Melissa Shirley, Carol Eix, the snap tray and frame weight lady, the BeStitched Girls and so many more. She is thrilled with the class loves the canvas and the teachers are great. She is already planning our trip for next year. I will be going for sure provided I get in.
The only low was that Wendy was not able to be there. Wendy is on the road to recovery and hopefully will be back soon. We are all praying for you Wendy.
This is a picture of the finished piece. It is a Melissa Shirley and is available
through Aristeia at 310-476-6977.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finished Second Halloween Candy

Last night I finished the beading on the second Kelly Clark Halloween Candy. This is a club that Ruth Schmuff is doing. The canvases are small and are a quick stitch. I am going to finish four before I send them in for finishing.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Did The Weekend Go

This past weekend just flew by. I had such fun at Amy's Cook Up Class. Amy wrote a fabulous stitch guide for my tic tac toe board. This canvas is going to be spectacular when it is finished. All the canvases had such great stitches being stitched on them. Amy really worked her magic for us.
Here are a few detailed pictures of Karen' canvas.
I was very sorry to see the weekend come to an end and am looking to our trip back to Amy's in May.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Two With Amy

What a wonderful time we are having at Amy's!! Amy is such a talented person. All the canvases are coming to life with the guidance of Amy and her amazing stitch guides. We are all learning new techniques and stitches and are having such fun doing it. I cannot believe that we only have one day left. The time just seems to fly by in class. Amy creates a no stress environment in class and hence we are all relaxed and able to stitch and really enjoy ourselves. The atmosphere in the classroom really lends itself to learning.
Here are a few of the wonderful canvases being done in class.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Amy Has Wrought

Today is day 2 of 3 at our Amy cookup class. I have been focusing on borders, as this canvas has some beautiful ones.

Here's what I've done so far.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day One With Amy

What a wonderful day we had in class today. Amy did a wonderful stitch guide for my Halloween tic tac toe canvas. I am going to have such fun stitching this canvas. Amy worked her magic with stitches and her choice of threads and beads.
Denise loves her giraffe canvas stitch guide. Amy did a wonderful stitch guide and Denise is thrilled with all her stitches and threads.
We have a lot of fun ladies in the class and are having a lot of laughs along with learning new techniques.
Off to bed so I will be ready for another wonderful day full of learning and laughs.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amy Has A Faux Birthday

Here we are in Memphis, having dinner with Amy. Our gracious hostess decided that Amy was having such a good time, it must be Amy's birthday, so she embellished Amy's desert.
We are having a great time, & are so looking forward to class tomorrow.
More tomorrow.