Friday, October 22, 2010

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of Jake's Halloween Costume. He is not a painter. I know the hat makes him look like he is. I will give you a hint - he is going to be a vegetable. I have not posted pictures of Jake in awhile and thought you would like to see how he has grown. He is now seven months old, weights 20 pounds and is crawling.
He is the light of my life and that is why I am not getting a lot of stitching accomplished.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jake Is In The Box and Progress on Dr. A

The Jake canvas is finished and is now in the Lee Photo Album Box. Denise, my stitching sister, gave me the canvas and Lee Photo Album for my birthday. I finally finished the canvas about a week ago and immediately placed it into the Photo Album Box. It really looks great on my coffee table in the family room. Now anyone who visits can entertain themselves with pictures of Jake from birth to present day.

Dr. A is progressing slower than I would like but I do not get a lot of time to stitch now that I have a full time job watching Jake. Amy has done a really amazing job on Dr. A. The thread and stitches she chose for Dr. A's coffin actually make it look likes it curves. Every time I do a home study canvas, I am reminded of how talented Amy is. I hope to finish up the main part of the canvas this week. I always stitch in the order of the directions. I find stitching that way works best for me. Once you get the background and borders done the rest seems to go a lot faster. Off to work on Dr. A.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Rhett and Scarlett O'Hare

I have been looking for bunnies for Easter for a long time and have finally found the perfect ones I just love them. The canvases are by Needle Deeva and the stitch guides are by Debbie Bowers of Needle Orts in Altamonte Springs, Flordia. Debbie's stitch guides are just spectacular. They are beautifully done and the directions are clear and easy to read. Debbie's choice of stitches, threads and accessories are absolutely perfect Rhett and Scarlett. I knew just by the presentation of the stitch guides that Debbie takes a great pride in her work and it certainly shows in everything she chose for these pieces. I am so happy with Rhett and Scarlett. I cannot wait to start stitching them. I would love to have them for this Easter. I am already planning on how the mantel will look. Just have to find the time. Maybe during the month of November and December.


Friday, October 1, 2010

How Stunning Is This!!!!

What a wonderful surprise I got in the mail today. My finished NYC Santa!! What a magnificent job Ruth did on this piece. I am totally speechless. I cannot believe how great it came out. I always say it but it is the absolute truth Ruth does the most magnificent finishing. I am never disappointed and am always blown away. Between Amy's stitch guide and Ruth's finishing I have a wonderful masterpiece that I am so very proud of.

Jake is calling have to run.