Sunday, June 30, 2013

Guess What I Am Doing Today?

I am now cleaning and reorganizing my shelves in my sewing room.

Reveal will be at end of week for interior of cabinets and reorganization of shelves.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Finish: Summer Flowers!

I finally finished something! I've decided to dig into my works in progress & try to finish some things I've started. Linda & I both started this a few years ago, when it was offered by Bestitched. It's a fun Barbara Elmore canvas with beautiful beads & fancy, unique ribbons. It was a different canvas to work, as there was an easy darning pattern for the background that you do over the entire canvas. Then only the flowers & stems are stitched, with those beaded centers. 

Now, on to one of my others...


Goodies, Goodies and More Goodies!!!!

I got a box from Amy today and it was filled with so many wonderful things. I felt like a little kid at Christmas opening it.

First the Kit 3 arrived. Another wonderful adventure in stitching.

Keeping with the Tudors theme - Anne of Cleves. Rogue Needlepoint did a wonderful job painting this canvas. Cannot wait to see the rest of the wives.

Always have to keep up with the latest accessories. A new scissor to add to my collection.

A mini Halloween Mask from Associated Talent.

New Atenti caddy and matching accessory bag. Love it.

Now for the best!

I fell in love with this canvas when I saw pictures of it from the Winter TNNA show.
I purchased it with the hope that Amy would do a guide. Well the guide and threads came today. Oh, it is just spectacular! The guide consists of 12 pages of written instructions, 5 pages of the most detailed, fabulous drawings, and 9 pages of graphed stitches. I do not have words to tell you how wonderful it is. I am so happy that I am on summer vacation and have two months to work on this wonderful canvas from Melissa Shirley and fabulous stitch guide from Amy Bunger.
How you can go wrong with Melissa and Amy?


Monday, June 24, 2013

Had to Share Some Pictures

Jake is on vacation in Disney World. Here are some pictures

Jake on the beach a the Beach Resort Hotel.

Jake eating breakfast. Guess he is more interested in the chocolate chips.

I guess breakfast is more important.

Miss the little guy. Will see him on Thursday. It is nice having him come to visit.


What Has Linda Been Doing

Since I am on vacation from Nana DayCare, I decided to organize my sewing room.
Yesterday I spent the day working on my canvases. Today I will be doing my threads.

My thread cabinet before.

The beginning of thread organization. I went to The Container Store and purchased all new boxes and am in the process of organizing everything.

The clear boxes are for my Kreinik and beads. I purchased three of the boxes but will have to go back for another. The Kreinik and bead boxes are just about full and I am not even half way done with the threads.

These smaller boxes are the original boxes I stored my threads in. I will be using them for threads that I only have a small supply of.

Will post pictures of my finished organizing. I will post pictures of all the canvases that will be sent to Fireside for sale. Have not counted them yet put it is probably close to 75

Oh, just in case you are wondering my sewing room is never this messy.

Back to organizing.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Egg Number Six Finished

Last night I finished the sixth egg of the From Russia to Love club by The Needle House.

These eggs are very addictive. I love stitching them.

Yesterday I went to Stitch by Stitch, my LNS, to pick up a canvas I ordered.
It is a HeartStrings canvas called Pine Santa. Oh, I am loving it. Have not done much yet but plan on spending the rest of the day working on him.

I have only stitched his face and the three trees.

Will post more progress on Monday.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eggs Are Back

I love the finishing on these eggs. They are so beautifully finished with the ribbon,
fabric, trim and beads. In my opinion they are works of art. I have three more waiting to be sent to The Needle House for finishing.

The front view of the eggs. They are A Collection of Designs canvases with stitch guides by Nancy Laux of The Needle House in Houston, Texas.

The back view of the eggs. The fabric is so rich and the trim is just beautiful.

I could not put them away so they are in my glass enclosed wall unit. I will get to enjoy looking at them everyday.

Nana Daycare has twelve more days until it is shutdown for summer vacation.
I have a lot of work to do around the house one of which is reorganizing my
sewing room. The first project will be my threads. Going to The Container Store this weekend to get storage boxes. I also plan on spending as much time as possible stitching this summer.