Saturday, September 29, 2012

Part Two of Box from Amy

Kit Four was in my wonderful box from Amy. Oh, the fun really begins with Kit 4.
We get to do the front and back doors with the most beautiful wreaths, the steps, window boxes, birds and so much more. How I wish I was ready for Kit 4 but I have to do Kit 3 first.

Also in my box were the Vintage White Melon and Vintage Golden Melon canvases by Melissa Shirley. I just love these canvases and Amy worked her magic on the stitch guides. I plan on framing them when they are stitched and hang them in my dinning room.

This is the Vintage White Melon.

This is the Vintage Golden Melon.

Off to work on the Thanksgiving House.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Box Arrived from Amy

Oh, what a wonderful box my UPS brought me!!!!

Jake helped me open it and his first words were, "Oh, wow beautiful". He then said it is point. That is what he calls needlepoint.

I am only giving you a very small sampling of what was in the box. I will show you the rest tomorrow.

Some beautiful magnets.

Boo Kitty with stitch guide by June McKnight and threads.

This is going on bars today and am starting it tonight. I am not a cat person but this piece just called my name.

Wait till you see what is to come. I really saved the best for last.

Jake and I are doing a happy dance about all of Nana's wonderful presents. The only thing I need is more time to stitch all my beautiful canvases.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Box from Bedecked and Beadazzled

Today I received the Halloween Mystery class from Ruth. I also received the frog magnet to match the canvas and the limited edition snap tray to coordinate with the canvas.
Ruth did a great stitch for the background. It looks like a quick fun stitch. The stockings are also done with a quick fun stitch. I hope to mount it this weekend on stretcher bars and work it into a rotation with the Thanksgiving House.

This is going to be a really fun canvas to stitch.

Tomorrow I should be receiving a big box filled with some wonderful things.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Progress on Thanksgiving House

I just finished Kit 2 for one side of the house. I now have the front and one side done for Kit 2. Will be starting side two of the house after dinner. My goal was to have all of Kit 2 done before Kit 4 arrived but I do not think that will happen. Hopefully I will stitch all of Kit 2 on my second side before Kit 4 arrives.

This is such a wonderful piece to stitch. Amy as usual has written a fantastic guide for the house. The brick and mortar work is almost done and the fun part will be starting soon. Really looking forward to working on all the details in this piece.

The front of the house. The roof shingles, black horizontal board, walls and gutter downspouts are done.

Side of the house has black horizontal board, and walls done.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun At Pier One

Oh, what a good time I had at Pier One. I saw so many wonderful things to buy but had to hold myself back.

Here is a picture of the Witch's Hat Tree with decorations I purchased along with a witch holding a sign "If the broom fits". The Halloween Tree is from Eye Candy, and the finishing is by Ruth Schmuff.

A close-up of my new treasures.

I beaded the f, r and dot of the i in friends. I put it aside to go back to the Thanksgiving House. I completed kit two for the front of the house. Moving onto the sides and then back. Goal is to have kit two finished before kit four arrives.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Laying Tool

I only purchased two necessities at Seminar - one was a laying tool and a pair of scissors both of which had to be ordered.

My laying tool arrived today

It is just beautiful. The top is acrylic and bottom wood. I just love wooden laying tools. This beauty is from Fireside Stitchery and is custom made by Nino. He is a true craftsman. When I ordered it, I was told six weeks. I was shocked to find it in the mail today. Unfortunately, my husband got the mail and said, "What do you get a box everyday?". Needless to say I did not answer him.

I ordered my scissors from Rittenhouse, which are coming from France so I do not have clue when I will see them.

Now for a little Jake fix

Jake kissing his mummy friend. They play cars together.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decorated for Halloween

Over Labor Day weekend, I decorated my mantel for Halloween. I so look forward to taking out my Halloweenies. I only have three finished but I just love them. My goal this year is to stitch at least two more. This was such an amazing Home Study that Amy did. You cannot believe all you learn by doing a Home Study Course. The techniques, stitches and new threads you are introduced to is just amazing. I have learned so much from these courses and am a better stitcher thanks to them.

The mantel decorated. When Jake saw it he said, Oh, Wow Beautiful! You just have to love the little guy

Count Dracula



I am so proud of these pieces and am amazed every time I look at them.
Thank You, Amy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend break from House

This weekend I put the Thanksgiving House aside to work on my "friends" canvas.
Amy did such wonderful stitch guide for this canvas. I love all the stitches but the trellis ribbon is my favorite. I had such a wonderful time stitching this piece this weekend. Not only is it a fun piece to stitch but all the work and love that went into making it possible makes "friends" a canvas that will always remind me of all the very special friends I have.

Here is a picture of my progress this weekend. The trellis roses are such a special touch to this magnificent canvas.

This week I will get back to the house and hopefully next weekend I can stitch on "friends" again.


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Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have been quite busy with the needlepoint housing industry since my last posts. First, I am diligently pursuing the Thanksgiving House. I am almost done with Kit 2 on all 4 sides; then I will move on to Kit 3 before Kit 4 shows up in early October.

I also had an excellent time at the ANG Seminar in Philadelphia, where I took a fabulous class with Debbie Stiehler, called "Berkshire Revisited." i am showing Debbie's completed piece, as I have not gotten quite this far on mine :)

Work has been quite busy & some family events are filling up the September weekends ahead. My next classes will be with Sharon G at the Nimble Needle, where we will be going her new stitcher's ornament. And then I have two Tony Minieri classes coming in November & December.

Talk to you all soon!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After being away for two weeks on a wonderful needlepoint adventure, I am trying to settle back into the real world. I had the most amazing time in California. Karen took me to see Needlenook of La Jolla and it is just amazing. It is actually two stores. One shop is just needlepoint canvases and the other is all threads. Talk about a kid being let loose in a candy store. I really surprised myself by the restraint I had. I only picked up some threads for a few projects I had. The Ritz Carlton is a totally amazing hotel and the setting was perfect. It was so peaceful. I meet some wonderful women and look forward to our friendships growing. Karen and I are meeting up with two for dinner in Memphis in October.

Seminar was a lot of fun. This is the second Seminar I have been to and the first one that I took a class. I signed up for a three day class given by Sandra Arthur called Ladybug Teapot. What a fun class! The piece is just a fun happy piece and Sandra was a wonderful teacher. I would definitely take another class from her and highly recommend her. We covered the whole piece in three days and actually have something to show for it.

Here is a picture of Sandra's completed piece. The finishing is just beautiful.

Here is a picture of two borders and part of the spout of the teapot.

Upper part of the borders.

The teapot

Overview of the whole canvas.

I plan on making this piece into a tray. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

I am just getting back to the Thanksgiving House after two weeks. I am almost done with Kit 2 for the front of the house and will then move onto doing Kit 2 for the sides and back. My goal is to have Kit 2 completed before Kit 4 arrives. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Back to Nana Daycare. Jake fell right back into our routine. He can now entertain himself playing with his cars for a long time without Nana having to sit with him.
I cannot do stitching with him around since he wants to stitch. I have a canvas for him but he wants to stitch on whatever I am working on and that just does not work.
My stitching is once again limited to the evenings.

Better get busy cleaning up some toys and getting dinner together.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Home

I am finally home after the most exciting two weeks of needlepoint.

First Karen and I went to the Aristeia Retreat held at The Ritz Carlton in
Laguna Beach. The hotel was absolutely magnificent. The views were spectacular and the staff made us feel so very much at home.

The view from my room overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was wonderful waking up to this spectacular view every morning. Karen and I had our breakfast on my terrace in the morning.

We spent five glorious days at The Ritz and were sorry to leave.

The class was a beautiful canvas designed by Melissa Shirley exclusively for the Aristeia Retreat.

Here is a picture of Melissa and Amanda with the piece.

Amanda, is Wendy's daughter and she stitched and taught this piece. Amanda did a wonderful job teaching and she certainly must have made her mother proud.
We had three wonderful days of class. I made a lot of new friends and plan on meeting up with two of them in Memphis in October.

About 14 of us went out to dinner every night. The meals were excellent but the conversations and laughs we had during dinner were even better. We had a really great time making new friends and seeing old ones.

I will tell you about my next adventure tomorrow.