Sunday, January 30, 2011

Progress on Scarlett and Stash Enhancement

Progress on Scarlett is slow but steady. I have not had a lot of time to stitch but try to stitch at least for an hour a night. What I have done this week is finish up the grass and Scarlett's skirt.
My shoulder is slightly better. I have to go for an MRI to see if I have a tear in my rotator cuff. I hope to be able to go to physical therapy to see if it helps. My right arm is very weak and hopefully it will help strength it.
Yesterday Denise and I went to our LNS. They had gotten in some new canvases, and of course I had to look. I bought three ornaments, one Melissa Shirley and two Kelly Clark. I have absolutely no idea where in my line up they will be going but they were just too pretty to let go. I really have to make a better plan for stitching. Having Jake really limits my time stitching and now my shoulder is not helping. I think that I might try working on something small like an ornament while he is playing. I do not know if it will work, since Jake is very curious about everything that goes on around him, but I will try.
My goal is to have Scarlett finished and mailed to Ruth for finishing by the middle of February.
Hope I can meet this deadline. Denise is really knocking out her little Christmas ornaments. I asked her to post pictures of them and hopefully she will soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Progress On Scarlett

Scarlett is progressing slowly. I am having a lot of trouble with my shoulder on my right arm and have not been able to stitch for any length of time. Going to the doctor on Tuesday and hope to have this problem taken care of. I have done Scarlett's hat, face, part of her left sleeve, stockings, shoes and part of the grass. I found that if I work on the lower part of the canvas my shoulder does not bother me as much. I have to put in all the embellishments on her hat but am going to wait until the stitching is done. Hopefully, I will be able to get more accomplished this week on her so I can go back to the Halloweenies before the Creche arrives.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I thought you would like to see how much Jake enjoys his food. He has decided that he does not like you to feed him any more. He wants to feed himself. Needless to say pasta and meatballs was not a good choice for him to feed himself. We had to change his clothes and even wash his hair when he was done. At least he looked like he enjoyed it.
I put the handle on the basket so it is completely done. I am working on Scarlett and if I like her basket better Rhett's will be coming out and redone. If Scarlett's is no better then I will just ask the finisher to have things drape over the basket to hide its imperfections.
Last night I went on Kelly Clark's website to see if it was updated. It was and what wonderful new canvases she has. I love the tassels, the Halloween apples and the bats. Wish I had more time to stitch.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Progress on Rhett

I just finished the basket on Rhett and am undecided if I should take it out. If I do not take out the basket I only have the handle left to do. If anyone else is working on this canvas I would recommend not to put the pants legs in until the basket is done. You keep catching the neon rays with the needle when weaving the basket. Now I feel that I also have to replace the purple neon rays on the left side.
I love the background with the carrots. Rhett was a fun easy stitch. The basket itself was not hard to do. However, I did find the wire difficult to work with. Rhett will wait for Scarlett to be done and then the two of them will be sent down to Ruth, Bedecked and Beadazzled, for finishing. Their baskets will be filled with all sorts of goodies that only Ruth can imagine.
I just checked out the Needleworks and Needlepoint Study Hall blogs and there are so many wonderful new canvases coming out. Kelly Clark's Noah's Ark it just spectacular and the Melissa Shirley's pears finished as topiaries are magnificent. So many new canvases calling my name. If only I had the time to do them all.