Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wonderful Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones, fabulous food and of course a gift or two.

This Christmas was really special for us because Jake is now at the age where he sees the magic of Christmas. Of course, he was overwhelmed with all his presents and could not open them fast enough. He loved all his presents and will get to appreciate them over the next couple of days.

Jake standing in front of all his presents.

The process of opening his presents

For desert I made mini brownies with a strawberry on top with white chocolate trim.
I went out and got everything I needed for the piping or so I thought. In my haste, I picked up tip covers instead of tips for the piping bag. Needless to say, I ended up using a plastic bag and cut a hole in the corner. Piping was far from perfect but they were delicious anyway.

Jake enjoyed his Santa hat.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ornament Finally Finished

Last night I finally finished the ornament I started a couple of weeks ago. I have not had a lot of time to stitch and since last Friday I really have not the desire to stitch.
Along with the rest of the country, I have been heart broken. I never would have imagined someone could commit such a heinous act. A lot of tears have been shed and prayers said for the families of all the victims. Jake is being held closer and cherished even more.

Here is a picture of my completed Princess & Me ornament.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little More Christmas

Oh, this is my favorite time of year. I just love watching the look on Jake's face when he sees all the Christmas decoration. His excitement in making decorations, helping make cookies and his looking forward everyday to doing the Advent tree.
Seeing things through his eyes truly makes you see the magic of the Christmas.

Here are some more pictures of my decorations.

Needlepoint Advent tree. This is not the one Jake adds to everyday.

Might not be needlepoint but such a wonderful holiday arrangement.

I had a wonderful time this weekend at Edwardian Needle. I have been looking forward to this weekend since May when Amy told me she was coming to New York for Tony's early birthday celebration. It was so nice to spend time with Amy. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed time just stitching together. Tony did a wonderful guide for my canvas as well as everyone else's. Karen was stitching a Debbie Mumm Flying Santa and the stitches Tony did for this canvas are just spectacular.
I will ask her to send me a picture to post for you all to see.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Progress on Canvas

Today was a fun day in class. I had two master teachers helping me.

Tony and Amy helped me with this flower. Tony with the petals and the middle of the flower which is Stumpwork. A wooden bead is wrapped with thread. Amy suggested we string beads around the wooden beads. I have not yet finished this beading.

What a beautiful flower Pam taught me to make. It is not yet attached to the canvas since it will be one of the last things to do.

Here are some more pictures of Amy and Tony.

A big hug hello.

A total look of shock on Tony's face

Sharing a laugh

More to come.