Thursday, May 31, 2012

Halloween Finishing

Today I received two Halloween Candies back from Ruth. They came out so cute.
I will have to find a special candy dish to put them.

Ruth worked her magic with the finishing of these candies.

I am almost done with half of the roof. I will post a picture as soon as it is done.
Sunday will be fun day at Stitch by Stitch, in Larchmont, with Tony Minieri. Looking forward to the class and spending time with all my friends. Betty and Madalena always serve the best lunch and desert.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Finishing and Class Canvas

Yesterday I picked up my pink candy from our LNS. It just came back from the finisher.

Next Sunday and Monday Denise, Karen and I will be taking a canvas embellishment class from Tony Minieri at our LNS, Stitch by Stitch. I am so looking forward to this class. Tony is a wonderful teacher and always has fun stories to tell us. Denise will back from her trip to Italy and I am sure she will keep us entertained with her adventures.

Here is a picture of my canvas for the class.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stash Enhancement

My dear friend Karen knew that I have had my eyes on a canvas by Ewe and Eye called Mighty Big Pumpkins by Karen Cruden, and when she saw it for 50% off she grabbed it for me. Now that is a wonderful friend.

When Pocket Full of Stitches had a Kelly Clark trunk show, I ordered two package ornaments. I would love to have them stitched before the Christmas finishing deadline.

Off to my LNS to pick up my finished candy cane.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Labors of Love Canvas and Pilgrim Girl

Here is the picture of the Perfume Bottles by Labors of Love. This canvas is beautiful on its own but the magic Amy has worked in her stitch guide is totally amazing. The wallpaper pattern just blew everyone in the class away. I came home with the canvas and stitch guide. I am just waiting on the threads. Cannot wait to get my needle into this canvas.

I can just see this canvas finished into a tray on a vanity.

The pilgrim girl's dress is almost complete. Hope to get back to her this weekend.

I have been working on the roof. My goal is to have all the shingles on one half done this weekend. I came home with Kit 2 and am anxious to start the walls of the house.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

I had the most wonderful weekend - stitching, spending time with friends, and fabulous food.

Amy wrote the most fabulous stitch guides for everyone in the class. I spent time going around admiring everyone's stitching. Amy is writing new guides to add to the catalogue. One of the guides is for Melissa Shirley's BOO banner. I immediately ordered the canvas, guide, and threads when it is ready.

Here is a picture of the canvas. You will be totally blown away by the magic Amy is working on this canvas. The embellishments are to die for.

I did not accomplish much stitching. I was to busy socializing and shopping. Here is what I did on the fence.

This is what I accomplished on the turkey.

The pilgrim girl is almost done but I do not have a picture of her yet. Will post one tomorrow with the next amazing canvas that Amy has written a stitch guide for.
Of course, I purchased this one too.

Make sure you read the June newsletter when it comes out. Amy collaborated with another fabulous stitch guide writer on a Labors of Love canvas. She told us all about it in class and it is going to be spectacular.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day Two at Amy's

Today I worked on the little girl Pilgrim. Hope to finish her tomorrow.
Off to bed.

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Day One at Amy's

Oh, what a wonderful day! We have such a wonderful group of women in the class.
Everyone is working on such beautiful canvases. I will take pictures today and post tonight. Amy showed us the stitch guide for the Perfume Bottles by Labor of Love and we were all blown away with it. I know of three people who ordered this, myself included. It is just magnificent.

Okay onto my progress. I was very busy socializing and shopping that I did not get that much accomplished.

This is a picture of the fence.

This is what I have done on the turkey.

As you can see, I was very busy adding to my stash and making new friends and not working on my canvas. I hope to do better today.

Friday, May 18, 2012

First Day In Memphis

We had a wonderful first day in Memphis! Karen and I checked into the hotel and we meet Melinda. This was the first time we meet and what a wonderful person Melinda is. We all went off to Amy's to pick up our stitch guides and threads. We stayed and shopped and visited.
We went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner, Napa Cafe. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals but the deserts were too die for.

Amy's before

Amy's after

Karen's before

Karen's after

Melinda's before

Melinda's after

Mine before

Mine after
Do you think we thoroughly enjoyed our deserts?

Off to bed to get ready for our first day of class.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just about finished packing. I only have my pants and last minute items to put in the suitcase. Car service picks me up at 8AM and we get to Memphis around 1.
Karen and I are so excited.

Tomorrow night we will have dinner with Amy to celebrate her birthday. We are going to Napa Cafe wonderful restaurant with fabulous deserts. I will take pictures of everyone's deserts for you all to see.

I will be posting everyday and I am sure that Melinda and Diane will be posting too.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I wish you all the perfect day. Hope you spend it doing all the things you love and enjoy with the people who mean the most to you.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitty Cats & Pillows

Here, on the white pillow,is the Amanda Lawford canvas of two kitties at dinner. I purchased this at our local Stitch by Stitch when Amanda came to visit. I had another similar canvas (on the green pillow) that I had done a few years ago, & I thought this would make a good pair with it. In addition, the kitties in this canvas look like my two babies.

I took this canvas with me to an embellishment class with Sharon G at Nimble Needle. As expected, Sharon had many great ideas--including the sushi!! I love embellishment classes with Sharon; I missed the last one last weekend, & want to go to the next one at Karen's Nimble Needle.

I had it finished similarly to the other canvas I already had. They are now together in the living room; that light color silk makes it ineligible for the rough & tumble of my family room.

I am working steadily on the Thanksgiving House; it's a lot of work & a huge canvas.

Be back in a few weeks.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Needlepoint and Jake

Here is a picture of my progress on the roof of the Thanksgiving House. I am now ready to start the shingles. I am really enjoying stitching this piece. Amy has come up with such wonderful stitches and threads for the roof. If you have never taken a Home Study or class from Amy, you must treat yourself. Amy's stitch guides are like nothing you have ever seen. She challenges you but you are learning so much that whatever small frustration you were experiencing is quickly forgotten when you see what you have accomplished. I know money is tight but you might consider ordering one of the fifteen dollar guides that Amy has written for &More canvases, the Poison Bottles, Kelly Clark Apples and Bats, you will not be disappointed.

Here is a picture of my purse in progress. As you can see, I also purchased the belt to match. I only get to stitch on this for a short time in the afternoon during Jake's nap.
It is mindless stitching and is just what I need to relax during naptime.

I am enjoying stitching the purse so much that before the trunk show was over I purchased another purse and ordered the matching belt.

Here are some pictures of Jake in Pop Pop's toy.

You have to love the wink.

On Thursday, May 17, Karen and I leave for Memphis. I am so excited about this trip. I will be meeting for the first time two fellow blog friends, Melinda and Diane. We are all staying in the same hotel and are going to have a blast.
In August, Karen and I will be going to the Needlepoint Retreat in California given by
Aristeria at the Ritz Carlton. I have never been to California and am really excited about this trip. The piece Melissa Shirley designed for the retreat is spectacular. I can only imagine the magic Wendy will create to bring the canvas to life.
Off to do some shingles.