Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Update

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted much lately. End of summer madness, sick kitty cat, craziness at work & all that. Delivered the stocking cuffs to Stitch by Stitch this week, for creation of the stockings--so excited that I made my deadline! I am now working on a limoge box that I want to try to get done by the middle of the month. Although it isn't a Christmas item, it is a gift that I will be giving around Christmastime, so I want to try to make the holiday deadline. I am about halfway done, but there are tons of french knots & chain stitches (to look like leaves), as well as tent stitch in the background, so this is a bit time consuming.

Also saw a few more flags in progress and more than halfway finished while at Stitch by Stitch. Got me inspired to work on it a little today. It's a big canvas so I find it physically challenging to work on--doesn't sit well on my System 4, it's awkward to I work at a table. After a box or 2 my neck starts to hurt. Got 3 boxes done today---bringing me to 54 boxes. Of 247. 21.8% done. Ok, it's slow progress.


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