Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving's approach has me reflecting on the many things I am thankful for in my life. So, a list:

My darling daughter, who lights up a room for me when she's there. I could write posts endlessly about her, so....
My dear husband, who never blinks when he sees me walk in with another bag from the LNS, or cheerfully tells me "there's a package here from a needlepoint store."
For my Stitching Sister, Linda, who is finally getting better & never complains--even when I do it for her.
For my Stitching Sister, Linda, for her infinite patience with everyone & a generosity of spirit & enthusiasm which amaze me every single time I speak to her.
For my stitching niece, Jen, for her talent & discipline, I am always so impressed.
For my kittens, Cara & Mia, who are confident they are the center of the universe--& have learned to leave Mommy's stitching stuff alone.
For my other family members, who are finally getting how much I love to stitch, & have stopped saying, "oh, how do you have time for that knitting?"
For my family members who immediately respond when someone says something like that, by saying, "It's needlepoint, & she's so good at it. We are so lucky when she makes something for one of us."
For my Nanny, who taught me how to hold a needle, & for my Nonna Teresa, & my great grandmothers, who I never met, but who had skills that passed to me as evidenced by the lovely work I have from all of them.
For my father, & grandfather, who, like my dear husband, always said, "That looks great, Denise."
For my mother, who was completely incapable of even sewing a button, yet still got me my requested sewing machine for my 13th birthday....& never ceased to be amazed at my interest in all things stitching.
For all my cyberspace buddies that I have met through this blog, & theirs, & their fabulous creativity.
For Jane of Chilly Hollow, the master enabler.
For Amy & Ruth & Marina & Theresa & the many other shop owners & workers who spend their day making my hobby their passion, & the reason I get through my work day & onto my couch at night.
For Spinster Stitcher, for making me laugh out loud so often.
For my local needlepoint store, Stitch by Stitch, for always having something for me to cast my eye upon.
For all the many other excellent needlepoint shops I have seen with my Stitching Sister, like Edwardian Needle, Fireside, Rittenhouse, Beadecked & Bedazzled, Ridgewood and so many others that I have come to love visiting like an old friend.
For my Stitching Sister who will drive anywhere with me.
For teachers like Tony Minieri & Sharon G & David McCaskill who give so much of themselves every time they look at a canvas.
For Sharon G for bringing my beautiful Ponza to canvas.

And for all of you...getting through this sentimental post!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Happy Thanksgiving back, Denise. And thank you for including me on your list, even if I personally exploded your credit card for you.

Jane, waving from CH

Robin said...

We are Thankful for both of you, Denise & Linda. We "ooh and aah" at your accomplishments, and revel in your success.

Today is Tuesday ... and we are hoping for another healthy report.

Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Robin