Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few More Finished Ornaments

As I mentioned, my Christmas ornaments have been trickling in from our LNS's finisher. Here are a few of the Raymond Crawford series.

I recently reviewed my stash and realized that I still have four more of this series. Yesterday I received the next installment of my flower calendar series from A Stitch in Time. It has been quite busy at work, but worse, I have been very busy at night as well, and I am generally out at least 2 nights a week for work or business related activities. These seriously restrict my stitching time.

I am currently working on a large canvas for which Tony Minieri wrote a marvelous guide; this was a class I took at Stitch by Stitch last fall; I can't believe almost a year went by! It is the Euro flower stand. It will take me some time to finish this one, so I am glad I have finishing coming in to share with you.



Mary Anne said...


The ornaments are just great. I'm a x-mas fan and would love to know where you got the Raymond Crawford series. I also really enjoy your blog, thanks.

Mary Anne

Denise & Linda said...

Thanks Mary Anne. I love the Raymond Crawford canvases too. I got this series from a club that Fireside Stitchery did 2 years ago. I really enjoyed doing these & have a few more left to do in this series. Although I have not seen the series listed on the web site, I bet you can contact them & ask if they are available any longer. Fireside's web site is http://www.firesidestitchery.com/fs/index.cfm Their contact info is there as well.


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. Makes want to put up my Christmas tree despite the Texas heat! Can't wait to see the other four.

Stephanie Ashworth