Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy As Hostess

Amy as you all know is an amazing teacher and stitcher, but she is also the best hostess. We all got a surprise on our second day. It did not show up that well in the picture but it is a charm. It is rectangular shape and says Stitch on one side and At Amy's on the other. I just love surprises and I especially love this charm. I put mine on my charm bracelet and Jen put hers on her scissor flob.
Lunch everyday was just spectacular. The first day we had all different type wraps (ham and cheese, turkey and avocado, chicken Cesare and vegetable) with the most delicious pasta salad. For desert we had strawberry cake, to die for. The second day we had a cheese and pimento spread, egg salad, broccoli salad, fresh fruit, and brownies. There was an assortment of breads (freshly baked) for the salads. The cheese and pimento spread was delicious (Jen's favorite) but the broccoli salad was my favorite. The last day we were not able to be there but Amy told Jen they were having chicken salad with pita cups, assorted salad greens with different toppings and dressings. For dessert they were having butter cookies.
The refrigerator was stocked to capacity with any beverage you could possibly want. In addition, there was coffee and tea. Your every need and desire was fulfilled. Amy truly catered to our every whim, whether it be stitching or nourishment. How I miss being there.
I have also attached a picture of my tassels on top of the wheat. I am probably going to take them out again. Think I will start from the right side and work my around that way. Just not happy with the way they look. But I am sure that I will get it eventually.


Cyn said...

Hi Linda,

I've enjoyed reading about your class with Amy. Looks like so much fun!

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Windy Meadow

Kathy Wommack said...

To heck with Heaven--I want to go to Amy's when my time here is finished!!