Monday, May 18, 2009


I apologize for the picture but I do not know how to invert the picture.

I am going to spread out our great needlepoint trip into five days.

Day one will be all about Amy.
Day two will be about the store and classroom.
Day three and four will be about the class and my piece, and I saved the best for last, day five will be about our lunches.

Amy is the most amazing person. She is truly the most friendly, outgoing, caring, loving and funny person I have ever met. Jen and I were welcomed with opened arms. We were made to feel like we old friends returning home.

She is truly a walking book of knowledge about anything needlepoint. Amy answered any question put to her quickly and accurately. Her library in the back of the classroom was totally mind blowing. I thought I had a good library but it does not hold a candle to Amy's.

Amy was more than willing to share with us. I have experienced some teachers that are not so willing to share information with you but Amy was more than willing to share her knowledge with us.

Amy is a very good business woman also. I was very impressed with way her shop is run. All of Amy's staff were friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They made us feel like we were regulars in the store and really catered to us.

Amy is also a great hostess. I will go into this further on Day 5.

Jen and I were very sad to leave and I know that I am having Amy withdrawal.



Susan Bisanzo said...

I'm looking forward to the rest of your story. I have also been interested in going to take Amy's embellishment class and it's wonderful to get a preview of what the trip would be like.

Cyn said...

Hi Linda,

Open up the picture in your picture program on your PC. You should have an option to rotate the picture. Then save it and overlay the original picture or by saving it to a new name. You can then upload the adjusted picture.

Hope this helps. :-)

Windy Meadow