Saturday, May 23, 2009

Linda and Jen's Class Canvases

Here are the canvases that Jen and I gave to Amy for the Cook Up A Canvas class.

I chose the Autumn Topiary from Kelly Clark and Jen chose a Sandra Gilmore canvas.

I finished the first pot last night and after a bit of a struggle with the tassels and some help from Amy I think I succeeded. I am very happy with the way they came out. Amy's tip was for me to loosen up and not be so uniformed. I have a hard time with random stitches since I am more rigid but I loosened up as best I could and I think the tassels really look good. I love the ribbon on this pot. Amy suggested this stitch in her stitch guide but I was thinking of doing a tied ribbon to the canvas. I decided to do Amy's suggestion first before doing my idea. Needless to say Amy was right. The ribbon looks perfect. I am now onto the second pot. Hope to get it done sometime this weekend.

Jen's piece is really coming along. She does not have much left to do at all. Just finish up the greenery on the bottom of the canvas and then do all the pink flowers.

Amy's stitch guides are really fantastic. She not only gives you written directions as to what stitches and threads to use where, she also give you drawings of portions of your canvas with the stitches to be used and in which direction to work them, and then she gives you a graph of the stitch to be used. They are truly a work of art. Her drawings really make stitching your canvas very easy. It is like having a road map. Not only is Amy's stitch guide fabulous but her selection of threads is what really brings her stitch guides to life. The thread selection is just perfection.

I hope that someday you are able to take a class from Amy. It is truly an experience you will treasure forever. Don't all rush out to sign up to soon - I want to make sure that there is room for me and Jen and also my stitching sister, Denise.


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