Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stitching Progress

The first picture is of one of my built-ins in my sewing room. I put the picture of Amy, Jen and myself in a needlepoint frame I made when Jen was a baby. I placed the picture next to my Amy Cookbooks - thought that was appropriate.
My progress on the Autumn Topiary is coming along. The second pot is done except for a small section where the corn overhangs onto it. I want to get the corn in before finishing the green in this area. Am finishing up the background now that I have the thread. Next onto the third pot and then I will have to put this down to start the Magi. Want to start the Magi by Thursday. I have finished my fourth All That Glitters (even put it in for finishing) and will post a picture of it tomorrow. Jen is really progressing on her piece. All she as left are the flowers and leaves. Her green plants on the bottom are really great.

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Robin said...

You both are making wonderful progress. Thanks for letting us see your built-in library and stitching. I like your collection of Zecca Needle Vials. Robin