Thursday, May 21, 2009

Autumn Topiary for Amy's Class

Here is the canvas that Amy used for the Cook Up A Canvas Class. I have 90% of the background done. I ran out of thread so I could not finish the background. The two pots on the left side are done and the wheat shafts are complete. Tonight I will be working on the wheat tassels and the ribbon. I am stressing out over the wheat tassels. I will be doing Random Leaf Stitches. I am not very comfortable doing random stitches. Amy did a really good drawing of the tassels which I plan to follow. Hopefully, I will not have too much trouble. I should have worked this in the class but I did not want to work over my background. I hate ripping out and I really did not want to cut this out.
Amy is one of the best teachers that I have taken a class from. She has a lot patience and answers every question with both drawing on the board and doing a demonstration on your canvas. After Amy explains a stitch and demonstrates it, even the hardest stitch is simple. I know from experience how easy she makes stitches seem. The Nativity had a few stitches that really stumped me and after watching Amy's DVD I was able to master the stitch.
During class we had a discussion about scissors and Amy mentioned her favorite scissor. Needless to say, I ordered it and it came yesterday. Amy is right. It is the best scissor I have used. The name on the tag is DOVO Solingen. Just call Amy and she can send them out to you.
I hope Jen will bring over her canvas so I can post a picture of it for you to see.

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