Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amy's Store and Classroom

Here is a photo of the outside of Amy's store. You can enter the store by walking down the drive way (second picture) and going into the door on the left of the landing. The door on the right is to the class room. The picture with the wrought iron fence is the backyard of the building that houses Amy's wholesale business. Everything is very self contained but separate.
Amy's store is a needlepointer's candy store. The selection of threads are just unbelievable. I think that any thread you need can be in the store. Her selection of canvases is just totally amazing. There have to be hundreds in the store. You would need days to go through them all.
I have never seen a store with some many finished pieces displayed. Every room in the store has finished items in it. There are several rooms in the store filled with canvases, threads, frames, stretcher bars, accessories and books. It is truly a needlepoint paradise. I wish I had more time to explore every nook.
The classroom is the door on the right off the porch. It is a large well light room. There is an area set up like a small kitchen with a very well stocked refrigerator. Anything you would like to drink is the the refrigerator. We also have our own private bathroom. There were plenty of lights on the table for extra lighting and the library in the back of the room is a stitchers' dream. Everything you could possibly ask for was in the classroom. We had plenty of room to spread out our supplies yet we were close enough to socialize. A very friendly and comfortable atmosphere for us to stitch and relax.


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