Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Class at Amy's

This was one of the best class experiences I have ever had. It was a totally relaxing setting. Absolutely no stress to rush to keep up with everyone else. The main reason for this was everyone was working on their own piece. Amy also set the tone for the class by telling us we were there to have fun.
When we first walked into the classroom, all our canvases were out on the tables with our threads and stitch guides. After we all introduced ourselves, the class began. Amy told us that she likes the background worked first but in this type of setting that was difficult to do but to try to work in areas where our stitches would not work over the background. Amy then began going around the room to everyone to get us started. Amy made her way around to each of us several times during the morning and afternoon. She would answer questions we had, demonstrate on the board, graph paper, and also on our canvas. I found this a very relaxing atmosphere in which to learn. I know that I learned a lot in the class. You not only learn on your own canvas but you also learn from what everyone is being taught. Amy was very open to switching threads if you did not like them and changing stitches if they were not working out the way she felt they should. Amy has no problem admitting she made a mistake.
The class was really great fun. We had one group of 5 stitchers, The Stitching Nuts, who came with matching tote bags with a needlepoint canvas of their Stitching Nuts' logo. They kept us laughing with their stories. Their name was perfect for them. Amy also had some very funny stories for us.
Jen and I had such a wonderful time that we are planning on going back next year.
I highly recommend that if you can afford it you should do a Cook Up A Canvas Class with Amy. You will truly be in stitching heaven. You are catered to and you have three full days of just stitching with no interruptions. When I returned home, I can honestly say that I was very sad not to be able to stitch all day but your everyday live and chores just do not allow this. So treat yourself to a stitching vacation and really get pampered.

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