Monday, May 25, 2009

The Last of the Candy Canes

                                              I  interrupt Linda's reports about her trip to Amy's with an update of my own--I finally finished the last of the candy canes last night!  These last two seemed to go very quickly, partly because I think they had the most glitz.  

I was so impressed with myself on this ornaments candy cane--I incorporated something I learned from the Stitching Needle Society Christmas Stitches 1 class.  If you look at the tops of the gift boxes, you can see the ribbons actually are three dimensional.  I used the lazy daisy stitch to give the bows dimension. It was pretty fun to do. I also used Accentuate with Burmilana on these last few candy canes for the background.  The Accentuate allowed me to have a nice, open (quick) background stitch, with a little flair. 

Oh, & the top  photo is what I did LAST weekend. That was a lot of fun too! 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day; have a thought for those who served.


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Cyn said...

Hi Denise,

Hope you had a lot of fun at Ashley's graduation!

The candy canes are done? Sniff...

Now you have to buy more! :-)

I'm looking forward to the MS trunk show at my LNS in July, 2009. I'm going to be picking up some more candy canes and candy corn projects!

Windy Meadow