Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazing Face

I usually do not post a picture of the Nativity until I have finished the piece but I could not wait until the piece was finished. After I finished the Magi's face last night, I was so in awe of how realistic his face looked that I had to post this picture. Amy always graphs out the faces. We are told to ignore the painted canvas and the diagram rules. I was totally amazed at how she really brought his eyes to life. I wish I had the talent that Amy does in being able to redesign the canvas.
The rest of the canvas should not take me that long to stitch. Once the background is done, the canvas moves along quickly. He will be done and in for finishing before the Christmas deadline. This year I should have six pieces of the Nativity, the three Magi, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Next year my Nativity should be complete with all twelve pieces.
As soon as I finish the Magi, hopefully by this weekend, I am going to work on Ruth Schmuff's mystery class. Ruth is doing a class on Melissa Shirley's Mellow Yellow canvas. It is called a mystery class since we do not know what the next area looks like until we get to class. In my case, since I live too far to attend the class, when it arrives in the mail. I have the background to do before the next step arrives. Ruth chose the most beautiful colors and threads for the background. It is all pink, my favorite color. Will post pictures on my progress.
My kitchen renovation is coming along. The kitchen designer and carpenter were here to make final measurements before ordering the cabinets. We have picked out the granite, lighting and appliances. We have tile, knobs and flooring left. Hopefully, the work will start by the end of September or being of October and I will be finished by November sometime. Have to coordinate with the painter also.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

The face *is* amazing! This is my favorite Wise Man so I am really enjoying what you are doing with him. Thank you VERY much for sharing!