Monday, August 3, 2009

"boo" Is Finished

I just finished "boo" last night. This was such a fun and quick stitch. The canvas is by & more and the stitch guide is by Amy Bunger. Amy picked really fun stitches for the stripes. Her thread selection is amazing. I really enjoyed this piece for two reason - first, you never got bored. The stripes were stitched so quickly that you never had a chance to say, "How much more of this do I have to do?" Second, it was a nice break from the Nativity. I love stitching the Nativity but it is very intense and you really have to think and pay attention. "boo" was just a fun stitch, no real thought required. Tomorrow I will drop this off for finishing. I have some really different ideas rolling around in my head. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.

Now I am off to start the third Magi. I think this one will be my favorite. I love the colors of the Magi of the Orient.

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Cyn said...

Hi Linda,

Love this canvas!

What fun quick stitch. :-)

Windy Meadow