Saturday, August 8, 2009

Giraffes Return Home

My little Kathy Shenkel giraffe mini sock is back from the finisher. I had a good time doing this ornament, as I just love giraffes and small ornaments fit so well into my need for a quick finish fix. I have a LOT of ornaments out for finishing...I think about 13 or I am glad if they come in slowly, to make it easier to pay for them!

There isn't anything small in the lineup right now though. They are all big, long term projects. I am working on my Sharon G Ponza seacoast with Tony Minieiri's stitch guide. When I finish the water, I will post a photo of my progress--I'd say in about a week or so. I just (almost) finished a pretty canvas called "Painter's Windowbox" that I picked up in a sale bin on one of our road trips. I ran out of some thread that I will pick up this week and finish it up, and post a picture for you before it goes off to the finisher. My daughter pulled a Renaissance canvas out of my stash for me the other night, with a "this would look really cute in my room now that it's repainted" comment. So that got started last night. There's also my ANG SOTM Kimono canvas (August's stitch completed!) as well as my homework in the SNS "Under Construction" class. And there's my flag, which I haven't touched since I got to the 100 out of 247 boxes status, about a month ago. Work has been so insane that I was too tired to stitch at night this past Thursday....that's very unusual for me!

I am off to take my Stitching Sister to lunch at her favorite restaurant for her birthday. There are no needlepoint stores near The Cheesecake Factory. On the other hand it's across the street from the Container Store.....

Have a great weekend!


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Cyn said...

Hi Denise,

Very cute giraffes. LOL!

Windy Meadow