Friday, August 14, 2009

Painter's Windowbox

Here is my most recent completion. I think it just jumped into the lineup because of its bright colors & the fact that it's on 14 mesh canvas; sometimes, you just need something that doesn't have teeny holes.

I did the window section (where the orange window frames are) using Water & Ice, in the clear & in the blue tinted colors. I think it made the blue nicely intense, reflecting a beautiful summer day (which we've had very few of here in NY, I might add). The orange window frame was carefully laid in gobelin. I did the leaves in all different stitches, wanting them to be from different types of plants; I just kept reaching for my books, looking up "leaves," & trying something new as it caught my eye. Most of the threads are Needlepoint Inc. silks and some Vineyard Silk (for the browns). The flowers were my favorite part, in ribbons of varying diameters, between 4 mm & 7 mm, in both solids & variegated.

I am going to drop this off tomorrow at my LNS to have a pillow made...what do you guys think? Frame it out? What kind of trim, if any?

I was able to pick up the thread I needed to finish the water on my Ponza canvas. Hopefully, I will be done with the water this weekend & show you my progress.

Have a great weekend!! Denise

2 comments: said...

I am trying to find a store that sells nice crewel needlepoint kits in westchester county ny

Cyn said...

Hi Denise,

Very nice!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Windy Meadow